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Parish Notice: So How Do You Find the New Site?

Well, the new site went live at 4.20am. Russell, my web guy, and I have done our best to get it right, but please use this thread to let us know how you are finding it. There is bound to be the odd glitsch.

Over the weekend we’ll be importing all the old blogposts and adding lots of little tweaks. All ideas welcome.

But it’s important for us to know what might not work. We’ve tested the comments system and for us it works. But does it for you? If it doesn’t it might be because you are using an old version of your browser. It works for us on all the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

It should also work fine on tablets, but we think we still have work to do to optimise it for mobiles.

We’ll also restore the Links section soon.

So, what do you think?

PS Remember, in order to comment you have to create a new account and sign in to it. Your old account is now defunct. You can also sign in via facebook or twitter. If you have new account you can also opt to receive email alerts when people reply to a comment you have left.

Match Preview

Match Preview: West Ham v Cardiff City

i can rarely recall being this excited before a Premier League season. My excitement would be all the greater if we actually had any strikers to choose between for the match against Cardiff. Andy Carroll is injured and Modibo Maiga seems to be on his way to St Etienne. Has he already gone? If so, we are completely strikerless, so Downing and Jarvis can cross the ball however much they like but who on earth is going to be on the end of the crosses? Joe Cole has played a number two striker before, but has never been the lead striker. Is it possible Kevin Nolan will be deployed? Let’s hope the rumours of Maiga’s departure prove just that – rumours.

I’d also love to report that Ravel Morrison is likely to start against Cardiff, but I suspect it’s the bench for the young midfielder. Although given his recent goalscoring record, maybe he should play up front. We have a very crowded midfield, but I expect it to be Downing, Noble, Nolan, Diame, Jarvis, with Maiga up front on his own.

In defence, James Collins hasn’t played much recently so I imagine it will be James Tomkins who starts alongside Winston Reid and Razvan Rat. The only questionmark is who gets the nod at right back – Demel or O’Brien. I’d say Guy Demel narrowly shaves it. I think he could combine well with Jarvis down the right. Acually, that’s not the only questionmark is it? I suppose there could be a doubt about who starts the season as our number one goalkeeper. I’m pretty sure it will be Jussi, but you never know.

Cardiff have made some impressive signings and they will be no pushover. But maybe they will be a little too eager to impress. I suspect they will be well organised in defence and play on the break. I hope we see something of Craig Bellamy.

Prediction? I’ll be optimistic and go for a 2-0 Hammers win.

And don’t forget. be in your seats by 2.40 so you can witness Billy Bonds get his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Parish Notice

Parish Notice: A Word About the New Site

We’re nearly there. Sometime in the next 48 hours this site will be getting a long overdue redesign. The basic will remain the same, but we’re introducing a SEEN ELSEWHERE feature, where we provide links to articles on other sites we think our readers will enjoy. Feel free to email me with suggestions for inclusion in this feature. You’ll also be able to see who is online and commenting.

The biggest change will be in the comments system. We have developed a bespoke system which will, I think, transform the ability of people to engage on realtime conversations with other site users. It really is like an instant messaging system, but I warn you now, it’s like getting a new mobile phone and you will need to get used to it. I promise you, it is a great improvement, but having been down the road of introducing changes and improvements in the past, I am going to ask you to be patient. In addition, because it is a bespoke system, there will inevitably be a few teething problems, and I will be relying on you to tell us what they are. The new system should come into its own during matches.

You will be able to log in via Facebook or Twitter, but crucially we have also now developed a system where you can have your own log-ins, almost identical to this site. We tried to import everyone’s account from here, but that has proved impossible, so you will, I’m afraid, have to start from scratch, so please do, over the next 24 hours, save all your Profile information (your favourite players, top West Ham team etc) which you can then paste into your new account over the weekend. The only difference from the current log-in system is that once you have set up a account you will then need to clink a link on a confirmatory email. This is standard practice on any site nowadays and guards against trolls, spammers and malcontents. I think we can all agree that one extra click in the process is worth it if we can eliminate the trolls.

There will, in time, be two different ways to view the new site – in traditional blog format or magazine/newspaper format. There are also several other tweaks and improvements which we will introduce gradually over the coming months, as we try to bring this site back to what it used to be. I’ve been open that I have let it slip a bit and that’s mainly because of the number of hours in the day, but I hope you have seen a renewed vigour in recent weeks. But that brings me to my next point.

I’d like to add one or two more people to our list of contributors. I’d especially like a couple of people with some specialisations to complement what we do at the moment. If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor, please do let me know by email. Just press CONTACT at the top of the page.

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