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HamburgHammer's Column

The walking wounded of West Ham: Are we bound for Europe ?

  • Apr 12th 2021 4:00pm

As a long season is taking its toll on a small squad, HamburgHammer praises the team's resilience and application...

Talking Point

How High Will West Ham Finish?

  • Apr 12th 2021 9:55am

Iain Dale Looks Into His Crystal Ball And Predicts Where West Ham Will Finish

David Hautzig's Match Report

West Ham 3, Leicester City 2. The Dream Continues.

  • Apr 11th 2021 5:20pm

The Hammers Outfox The Foxes To Go Back Into The Top Four

Match Thread

Match Thread: West Ham v Leicester City

  • Apr 11th 2021 1:05pm

Can we pick up another win to lift us back to a Champions League spot?

Opposition Q & A

Opposition Q&A with Leicester City

  • Apr 10th 2021 5:00pm

Jeff Gayle questions Leicester City fan Chris Foryan about this weekend's Premier League clash...

Dan Coker's Match Preview

Match Preview: West Ham v Leicester

  • Apr 10th 2021 8:00am

In his match preview, Dan Coker looks back at a former West Ham and Leicester striker, and at the Hammers' first ever win over the Foxes...

From the Archives

The David Sullivan Interview From 2012

  • Apr 9th 2021 8:00am

Iain revisits an interview he did with David Sullivan after his first two years in charge of West Ham...

Nigel Kahn's Column

Kings of the Capital

  • Apr 8th 2021 8:00am

There is more than 1 title at stake and being top of the London tree means so much to many fans. Nigel Kahn looks back at who are the Kings of the Capitol...

Jimmy Cooney's Column

"Place your bets, Place your bets!"

  • Apr 7th 2021 8:00am

As we jump back into the essence of League fixtures, We shall take a look at West Ham United's chances at finishing in the top 4.

Goaty Gav's Column

Happy Week For The Hammers

  • Apr 6th 2021 4:00pm

GoatyGav Sums Up A Great Week For The Men's And Women's Teams

David Hautzig's Match Report

Wolves 2, West Ham 3. Back And Fourth We Go.

  • Apr 5th 2021 11:05pm

West Ham Return To Winning Form and Climb into the Champions League Places...

Match Thread

Match Thread: Wolves v West Ham

  • Apr 5th 2021 7:15pm

If West Ham win, we go a clear fourth. It could be an exciting night, or will we, just like our dreams...

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