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Transfer Deadline Day: Late Night Edition

23.39 David Gold and Jack Sullivan have been noticably quiet on their Twitter feeds. I am going to go to bed before I say something I might live to regret. Night everyone. SJ will have something for you to feast on in the morning.
23.06 Well Andy Carroll had better bloody stay fit. Otherwise we’re in for a very difficult season.
23.02 "We did our best … pulled out all the stops …. Big Sam is very happy with the squad …. FFP …. Had no choice …. And all the usual bollocks.
23.01 I am now helping draft the WEST HAM UNITED FC: STATEMENT which will no doubt shortly appear on the website.
23.00 Come in Carlton Cole. Great to have you back. Unless of course, you go to Hull.
22.57 SunSport reporter Ben Hunt lives up to a derivative of his name. He now admits the Vaz Te deal wasn’t done at all. What a ….
22.42 SunSport reporting that Vaz Te has signed for Norwich. Do you believe it? Nah. Me Neither.
22.33 Moose was wrong. Norwich chief exec David McNally has tweeted there will be no new signings. That’s it then.
22.19 Moose says Norwich has resurrected the Vaz Te deal.
22.17 David Sullivan’s other son, David, has just tweeted “Dad still working”. Well that’s a relief to us all. West Brom about to sign three strikers. Us?…..
22.00 I don’t know about you but I have now well and truly given up the ghost. But I am not going to write what I think quite yet in case I am proved wrong. Trouble is, I really don’t think I am going to be. Ricardo Vaz Te. You now need to get yourself motivated to be Andy Carroll’s deputy.
21.53 Well, David Sullivan, it seems will do anything to get rid of Mr Vaz Te…

21.37 For lack of anything better to do, I have started a new thread. Not quite sure why, cos there’s bugger all to write about. Go on, surprise us, West Ham. I dare you.

Transfer Gossip

Transfer Deadline Day: Evening Edition

21.31 And sure enough, SSN report that Lukaku is on his way to West Brom’s training ground. Quelle surprise. ID.
21.30 West Ham enter the race to sign Lukaku on loan, alongside West Brom and Everton. Yeah. like that’s going to happen. ID
20.51 Both BBC and Mail report the Ba deal is dead. Gone to meet its maker. Over. And so is our season. ID
20.49 Could Ba stay at Chelsea if Lukaku moves to Everton on loan. A double whammy for us I fear! (SJC)
20.47 SSN reporting that Demba is not signing on loan for Arsenal (SJC)
20.28 Mail is reporting that Steve Bruce is keen on Carlon Cole. So we may even lose our backstop. This day started badly with me getting a puncture. It’s getting worse. ID
20.24 OK, it’s Iain back. So, nothing’s happened. Well I never! There are going to be a hell of a lot of angry Hammers tonight if we don’t sign a striker. And I’ll be one of them.
20.10 SSN are reporting now that Spurs have confirmed that they are not interested in signing Demba Ba
20.05 Tony Cottee, on SSN, expresses the eager anticipation of all Hammers fans when he hopes for a later striker deal at Upton Park
19.49 SSN go back to QPR and still no Arry Redknapp car interview – but it will happen no doubt. Its tradition now after all!
19.48 SSN ask ‘is Ba in on his way to north London’ and then show a clip of him at Upton Park! Unfortunately, I think its from when he signed for us in 2010-11. The teases!
19.45 SSN are reporting that Chelsea have agreed terms with an unnamed club for a deal for Demba Ba. Its not Arsenal or Spurs, so could be it be West Ham?
19.35 kumb reporting that Joey Barton has ruled out a move to West Ham. A good piece of news at last!
19.32 SSN are reporting that Spurs may be showing an interest in signing Demba Ba
19.30 SSN are reporting that Andy Carroll will return against Southampton!
19.25 SSN are reporting that Everton are trying to land Romelu Lakaku on loan from Chelsea. Could that still be an option for West Ham?
19.05 SSN are reporting that Norwich City negotiating with West Ham over the terms of a season long loan of Vaz Te
18.58 Anyone checked out the free agent list yet? Wonder what Tristan is up to these days?
18.52 Mind you, I will always remember that one where we waited all day for them to sign a left-back and they announced the signing of Illunga and Lopez 48 hours later!
18.48 This is one of the most tense last days of the transfer window that I can remember.
18.42 kumb are reporting that West Ham are stalling on agreeing a loan deal for Vaz Te until a replacement is confirmed. Bit of a catch-22 situation there I would say!
18.38 kumb are reporting that Norwich City’s bid to loan Vaz Te has been rejected
18.32 SSN are reporting that West Ham are monitoring Ba’s situation at Chelsea. Stop monitoring, start negotiating!
18.30 Talking of Spurs, SSN are reporting that they do not expect to sell Jermaine Defoe in this transfer window.
18.25 Oh well, looking on the bright side, at least we do not have to face Gareth Bale this season!
18.20 Will West Ham pull out all the stops to sign Demba Ba? Asked more in hope than expectation!
18.12 Funny, you would have thought that was the very first thing they would have checked? But this is West Ham remember, so who knows?
18.10 Kumb also report that the mystery deal for a ‘Spanish based, African Striker’ faltered because the player did not have enough international caps to secure a work permit!

Transfer Gossip

Transfer Deadline Day: Afternoon Edition

18.05 kumb reported earlier today that West Ham had enquired about an unnamed Spanish based African Striker. They have now confirmed it is not going to happen!
18.00 SSN report Norwich City want to sign Vaz Te on a season long loan.
17.55 Chelsea want a £3m loan fee, Arsenal are offering £1.5m. Are West Ham in the mix?
17.52 SSN waiting outside the QPR training ground for the obligatory Harry Redknapp interview through a car window!
17.48 According to the Sheffield Wed website, Jordan Spence is looking to ‘make an impact’ during his loan deal at the Yorkshire club!
17.35 Could that mooted Marco Boriello loan come through on the inside, at the 11th hour? (nothing like mixed metaphors is there!)
17.30 SSN report Chelsea prefer Ba to move on loan to West Ham or Roma, presumably because neither club are considered PL rivals!! Still who cares if we land Ba.
17.25 Blackburn Rovers state that Rhodes is not for sale, well not, for a c.£6m fee, to another Championship club. A PL bid of £8m plus might see a change of position.
17.20 Its quiet, oh so quiet …. even SSN do not appear to think it is worth having a reporter at Upton Park!
17.10 Wigan offer £6m plus add ons for Blackburn Rovers goal machine Jordan Rhodes! That is a striker we should be looking to sign!
17.00 The Star Sports report that the Quagliarella loan deal could still be on, but Vaz Te may have to exit to finance the deal. This deal could go to the wire!
16.55 The live SSN report from Crystal Palace mentioned the names of a number of players thought to be joining the south London club, could Vaz Te be on the way there?
16.52 There are internet reports suggesting that West Ham are battling with Arsenal for Ba’s signature. No mention of Roma’s interest in the player.
16.15 Serbian international Zdravko Kuzmanovic, of Inter-Milan, is reported to have rejected a loan deal to join West Ham or Sunderland.
15.55 Is Ba to West Ham still a possibility? kumb believe so!
15.31 As the tumbleweed continues to blow around, that’s it from me until after 8, as I have a radio show to present on LBC 97.3. We’re talking Gareth Bale after 7, and whether the football bubble will soon burst. So please welcome SJ Chandos to keep you up to date with any news from now on. See you later!
15.18 According to the Mail’s Lee Clayton (a Hammer) St Etienne agreed a deal for Maiga on Friday, then pulled out on Saturday.
14.56 West Ham win 5-4. Perhaps we should sign Elliott Lee. Oh, we have. Well he’d do better than Maiga, wouldn’t he?
14.49 Elliott Lee bags a hat-trick as the West Ham U21s go 5-3 ahead at Newcastle. Phenomenal after being 3-0 down at half time. Must have been some half-time teamtalk!
14.44 The ever helpful Jack Sullivan tweets that we are trying to bring back a former star, but there’s only a 15% chance. Must be Defoe or Ba. If it were Carlton it’d be 100%.
14.22 It’s coming thick and fast. A loan deal with Marco Boriello is apparently now being discussed. Yup, your guess is as good as mine. I think Mike Newell is next to be approached.
14.20 I have news! Not about transfers, sadly. The U21s were 3-0 down at Newcastle. They now lead 4-3! So all is now right with the world….
14.17 Apologies for the lack of news. That’s because there isn’t any. I am trying to keep my growing sense of anger under control. But I think I may soon explode.
13.34 Maiga may be off, according to Vital Football.
13.19 3-0 to Newcastle. And Quagliarella looks Lazio bound according to the Mail. This day just gets better and better, doesn’t it?
13.14 Oh, and just to make our day even better, the Under 21s are losing 2-0 at Newcastle.
13.13 Quagliarella has landed in London. So someone on Twitter says.
12.26 Stephen Henderson starts for the U21s today at Newcastle. Would he really be playing if we were looking to get rid?
12.24 19 year old former Barcelona striker Cristian Herrera is having a trial at West Ham according to talkSport

Transfer Gossip

Transfer Deadline Day: Morning Edition

12.26 Stephen Henderson starts for the U21s today at Newcastle. Would he really be playing if we were looking to get rid?
12.24 19 year old former Barcelona striker Cristian Herrera is having a trial at West Ham according to talkSport
12.18 Arsenal said to be in talks with Chelsea over Demba Ba.
11.21 Liam Spencer of IronViews reckons Jack Sullivan is talking about Demba Ba. We can but hope. But hope is all I reckon it will be. How could we afford his £70k wages under FFP?
11.18 And so it starts: A tweet from Jack Sullivan: “My dad is still trying to pull off a big surprise signing. Only a 30% chance. If it happens I’ll let you know 1st.” That’ll be Ozil, then
10.59 From the Mail’s Joe Bernstein: “Interesting stand-off at West Ham regarding their interest in Italian striker Fabio Quagliarella. Juventus are keen on selling Quagliarella who has been sidelined in Turin by Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente but West Ham insist they aren’t in a position to pay a transfer fee and are only interested in a loan. Quagliarella, 30, is valued at £7million by Juve who want to explore the option of selling first.
10.52 According to KUMB West Ham are chasing an unnamed African striker who plays in La Liga.
10.48 The Carlton Cole bandwagon is beginning to roll. Lots of people saying he’s coming back. My bet is that we will cut out losses of Maiga and Cole will replace him, with another striker coming in too.
10.44 A club source has all but ruled out a move for Quagliarella. "Nothing can ever be ruled out completely but this deal is extremely unlikely to happen,2 he told Sports Direct News.
10.22 I presume this must be a wind-up but according to the Telegraph Yakubu has been spotted at Upton Park by Joseph Cass’s fiancee. Whoever that is.
10.20 No tweets yet from Jack Sullivan. Good sign? Or is he at school?
09.55 Looks like a bidding war could erupt for Vaz Te. Acording to Spox Hoffenheim are now about to join the party.
09.49 Swansea have entered the field for Vaz Te according to 442 Magazine.
08.56 The Mail think Quagliarella is to go to West Brom and that West Ham will revive interest in Kalou… and Carlton Cole.
08.51 West Brom have also signed one time Hammers target midfielder Morgan Amalfitano on a season-long loan from Marseille
08.42 According to the Telegraph West Brom have hijacked the deal for Quagliarella. That would be about right. Hopefully not a portent for the rest of the day.
08.37 Morning everyone. According to Kumb Vaz Te is to join Crystal Palace on loan for the rest of the season.

Transfer Gossip

Transfer Deadline Day: The Calm Before the Storm

Over the next 25 hours the site will be devoted to only one thing – transfer gossip. SJ Chandos, myself and the others will be trawling the internet, Facebook and Twitter to bring you every bit of West Ham related transfer news and gossip, no matter how ridiculous it might be. And we look forward to your comments. So that the comments don’t get out of hand, I’ll post several new threads during the day. And if you have some unique insight feel free to use the Contact button to tip us off.

08.37 Right, that’s this thread done. Please move to the new one.
07.55 Daily Mail says that a loan bid from West Ham for Genoa’s Alberto Gilardino has been knocked back.
07.45 Telegraph and press in Italy report Fabio Quagliarella has flown to London for a medical with the Hammers today.
00.51 And not before time, I am going to bed.
00.24 The Arnautovic deal is done, according to 5 Live. He’s now a Stoke player.
23.57 One time Hammers target Makco Arnautovic from Werder Bremen is to join Stoke for £2 million according to the Mail.
23.43 Telegraph reporting that Vaz Te is a target for Leeds, Cardiff, Wigan and Crystal Palace. Add Nottingham Forest to that list too.
23.36 Please let this not be true. Twitter rumours are linking us with Peter Odemwingie
23.26 Agent Lomas continues his good work. As you will see HERE
23.15 West Ham rejected Flamini according to the Mirror
23.12 Demba Ba looks to be on the move. A £3 million loan fee is being quoted. Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle are being mentioned as potential destinations, as well as Upton Park. Don’t get your hopes up. He’s on £70k a week.
23.07 The Mail reports that a bid for veteran Genoa striker Alberto Gilardino has failed.
23.02 The Telegraph is reporting that Quagliarella is due to sign on loan, for a loan fee of £300k. The Mirror has the same story. I’d be well satisfied with that. But haven’t we heard this one before?
21.47 Can anyone verify the rumour that Caceido was at the Stoke game?
21.46 Stoke are said to be interested in Matt Taylor
21.40 With Downing out for 3 weeks and Cole for 6, will that signal the end of Vaz Te’s wishes to leave the club?

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