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West Ham Olympic Stadium Pricing Models

In this new series of financial related articles I will cover aspects of our planned move to the Olympic Stadium.

Today’s article is about the future West ham Olympic Stadium ticketing revenue and what it could mean for us.

One of the primary goals of us moving to Olympic Stadium was to increase our capacity from 35,000 to 54,000 and ultimately using that extra ticket revenue to complete with the top six clubs.

Although West Ham have not formally published their ticketing strategy for the Olympic Stadium yet they have made various statements on the Olympic Stadium micro site

They say “As a Board we have always been committed to offering affordable family football and the increased capacity opens up many new opportunities to support this initiative. There will be more affordable seats and more entry-level pricing but we will also be able to offer the more premium products that our current stadium cannot offer at present.The move will ensure the Club is more accessible to our existing supporters, plus it will be more attractive to key groups – families and female supporters in particular – to name a few. We are offering up to 100,000 free tickets per season that will ensure some of the most deprived children in the country will gain access to elite sport and drive an increase in sports participation”

In the past two financial years 2010/2011 & 2011/2012 West Ham have revealed that match day ticket income has totaled £18,808,000 in 2010/2011 (Premier League) and £13,596,000 in 2011/2012 (Championship). Figures for 2012/2013 have yet to be published in February next year.

As a crude calculation if you divide the £18.8m of tickets we sold in the 2010/2011 season by the 35,016 seats at the Boleyn ground you get average revenue of £537.12 per seat. If you then multiple this by the 54,000 seats at the Olympic Stadium you get just an estimated £29m per season in ticket sales.

Although I am sure the extra £10m would be welcome I struggle to see how it will help us compete with the top six clubs on its own.

As a comparison:

Arsenal earns £95m per season from match day receipts valuing each one of their 60,362 seats at the Emirates at £1,573. If we could achieve the same pricing model as Arsenal we would bring in nearly £85m in ticket sales. Spurs got £43.3m last season in match day tickets valuing their 36,240 seats at White Hart Lane at just under £1195 per seat on average. They plan to move in to their 56,000 seat new Stadium around the same time as our move so could earn around £67m at that valuation per seat.
Both of these clubs earn ticketing revenue from home European games

Looking at the other end both Newcastle and Sunderland have big Stadia. St James Park with it’s 52,405 seats brings in Newcastle £24m per season while the Stadium of Light with 48,707 seats brings in just £14m for Sunderland.

This means the average value per seat for Newcastle is £458 and Sunderland is just £287 per seat. With the Sunderland pricing model we would earn less then we earn already at the Boleyn Ground bringing in £15.5m compared to £19m in 2011.

When it is finally published the West Ham ticketing strategy for the Olympic Stadium will be a fine balancing act between affordable family football, our commitment to the local community and big ambition for European football even Champions league one day.

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Vote: Player Performances v Burnley

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Adrian, Chambers, Tomkins ©, Ruddock, O’Brien, Potts, Diame, Taylor, J.Cole, C.Cole, Maiga
Subs: Spiegel, Collison, Morrison, Downing, Nolan, Tombides, Fanimo

Match Thread

Match Thread: Burnley v West Ham

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Match Preview

Match Preview: Burnley v West Ham

There’s no doubt about it, Burnley are on a roll and it would come as no surprise to anyone if they turned us over tonight. They beat QPR on Saturday and lead the Championship by five points, which at this stage of the season is quite an achievement.

West Ham need to think of the potential prize at the end of this game, as the road to Wembley opens up. Our away form, especially in defence, has been very good this season, as I noted in a previous post. Five clean sheets in nine games says an awful lot about our defensive confidence. The only away goal we have conceded was a penalty at Hull. I don’t think anyone expects a hatful tonight. A 1-0 win would be quite enough.

In terms of team selection it is difficult to be certain which players Allardyce will go for. I’d be surprised on Collinson and Taylor didn’t get a runout and Joe Cole could do with a full 90 minutes under his belt. I’d expect Carlton Cole or Mladen Petric to start tonight as we surely need to play with a striker against a lower league team. I’d also give Ravel Morrison a rest. We don’t want him burning out.

UPDATE: Adrian, Chambers, Tomkins, Ruddock, O’Brien, Potts, Diame, Taylor, J.Cole, C.Cole, Maiga
Subs: Spiegel, Collison, Morrison, Downing, Nolan, Tombides, Fanimo

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