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The Day a Fan Played For West Ham

Steve Davies

Do you remember back in 1994 Harry Redknapp subsitituted Lee Chapman in a pre-season friendly against Oxford City? In his place he picked someone from the crowd – a chap called Steve Davies. Well a journalist from Los Angeles has tracked him down and written a fascinating (and very lengthy article) about the experience. It even includes a short interview with the less than legendary Hammers signing Joey Beachamp, as well as Harry’s own story of the match.

“I slung a leg over the barrier and Harry walked me down the tunnel,” says Steve. “What’s your name, son?” Harry asked, sizing up this apparent hooligan. “I couldn’t believe it. Inside the dressing room, the players were sat down resting at half-time.” West Ham were two-nil up, but the team was carrying injuries. “Then Harry and says, ‘Lee you’re off; Steve you’re on.’”

Chapman, shirtless, just nodded. “I asked him, what size boots are you, son?” Redknapp recalls. The kit manager brought Steve a uniform. “Alvin Martin was sat next to me, and as we stood up, he smacked me on the back of the head, like a little livener. We come on up the tunnel and I still thought Harry was having a laugh with me. I didn’t think I was actually gonna get on, or I thought I might get a minute or two as a joke.” The crowd broke into applause as the teams appeared once again.

Read the full feature article HERE

Match Report

Victories at Espanyol and Colchester Utd!

West Ham Utd squads won excellent victories in yesterday evening’s friendly matches held during the current international break. While the full squad, including a number of U-21 regulars, were in Spain, playing Espanyol, a joint U-21/U-18 squad were taking on Colchester Utd.

In Barcelona, the full squad secured a 0-1 win, characterised by a much improved display of passing, movement and invention.Three qualities decidedly lacking against Stoke City. There were good displays from Adrian, James Tomkins, Mark Noble, Ravel Morrison and Matt Jarvis. Notably, the defensive unit operated effectively, marshalled by the superb Tomkins, and the overall team performance was far more cohesive. While youngsters like Ruddock, Famino, Moncur and Lee all contributed mature and promising performances, which further underlined their potential. The match was won by a Mark Noble penalty, after a Espanyol defender handled a Matt Jarvis cross in to the box.

Meanwhile, in Essex, the U-21 Squad scored a convincing 0-3 win over Colchester Utd. The goals were scored by Burke, Whitehead and Tombides. It was similarly a good all-round team performance and the ‘stand out’ moment was Dylan Tombides beating the Colchester keeper with a great chip. It was a goal of great composure and skill from the Australian U-19 international forward.

So, it was a good evening all round for the club. Unfortunately, it would appear that the prior SSN report that Andy Carroll would be fit for the next match versus Southampton, on 15 September 2013, was premature. The latest rumour is that he may not actually be ready until mid-October 2013 at the earliest. That news, if true, makes the failure of Carlton Cole to prove his fitness, to facilitate a swift return to the club, even more disappointing. So, it appears that the chickens of West Ham’s transfer deadline day failure are flying home to roost! the search continues for a free agent striker, no doubt the manager will be setting up his team to capitalise upon the strengths of the strikers that we do actually have available at the club?

In the meantime, just hope that all of our players on international duty return back to the club unscathed. The last thing that we need is further injuries to key players like Reid, Rat or Collins.

SJ. Chandos.

Parish Notice

Changes to the Commenting System

A few minutes ago we deployed an updated commenting system to the site, which I hope takes into account many of the points you have made to us since the new design was launched nearly a month ago.

We’ve ditched the two stage launching system and the separate page for comments. They now appear on the post page itself, but in reverse order, so the newest comment always appears at the top of the thread rather than at the bottom. They are still in real time but we have now got rid of the annoying judder which took you to wherever the latest comment appeared.

Here’s a summary of what’s changed and how to get the best out of the site…

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So you can safely leave the thread open during the match, go away and come back and not miss anything!

Let us know of any teething problems please.

Book Review

One Burger too Many

Well, some people may see this as an example of why Carlton Cole is a bit of a legend. Others will think, it’s all very well to poke fun at yourself, but because of your lack of interest in keeping yourself fit, you’ve blown your chance of coming back.


PS It is quite funny though…

PPS New comments system due to go live later tonight… Or maybe tomorrow morning depending on how fast Russell works…

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