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Geographically Challenged

  • From: Las Vegas
  • Born: 1977

About me

I became a West Ham fan in the year 1983 (cue "Run to the Hills"!). It was a little difficult to get all, if any, information on overseas football(soccer) during that time. So thank goodness for technology otherwise I would still be getting updates in the Sunday paper. I grew up playing football(soccer) even if it was at an American level. Being six foot plus and Native American, I will always be impartial to a powerful defense that could transition in to a devastating offense. I hope someday to visit Upton Park and sing in full voice... instead of my living room.

How I came to support West Ham

Bobby Moore, one of the greatest football playing defenders ever, I have watched "Victory" plus YouTube clips of this great player. I also have a life long affinity with everything Iron Maiden. I believe in the West Ham way, "Long Live the Academy!"

Favourite Player

Bobby Moore
Central Defender

All Time Eleven

Ludek Miklosko
Julian Dicks
Left back
Alvin Martin
Central Defender
Ray Stewart
Right back
Billy Bonds
Bobby Moore
Central Defender
Alan Devonshire
Paolo Di Canio
Trevor Brooking
Geoff Hurst
Frank McAvennie

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West Ham Till I Die is a website and blog designed for supporters of West Ham United to discuss the club, its fortunes and prospects. It is operated and hosted by West Ham season ticket holder, LBC radio presenter and political commentator Iain Dale.

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