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Ravel Morrison's £19 million Buy Out Clause

The Sun reported today that Ravel Morrison has put a £19 million buy out clause into his contract. They allege he insisted on the buy out clause himself when he signed from Manchester United last January for a reported deal worth £650,000 which can rise to £1 million. I wouldn’t be surprised if Manchester United also added some sell on clause too.

It was revealed last year that Momo Diame has a buy out clause of just £3.5m.

His agent Willie McKay said at the time: “The only reason some clubs have the players they have is because of a clause being inserted. They may make an offer that is less wages than another club has offered but because they allow a trigger clause then the player will sign with them. Diame was a free transfer and believed he could command a better salary than he was offered so to compensate for that the clause was put in so he could leave in six months time for £3.5million. That way the club can sell him at a quick profit or renegotiate.”

In other news this week Ravel Morrison received his maiden call-up to Gareth Southgate’s England Under-21 squad. The Daily Mail reported he admitted being an Arsenal fan in an interview. He reportedly said ‘I can’t wait for Sunday, ‘I’m more of an Arsenal fan to be honest, but Tottenham have done really well this season. Hopefully we can carry on playing how we have been playing, but we can score a few goals this time and you never know how things could go.’

We won’t hold his love of Arsenal against Ravel if he scores the winning goal on Sunday against Tottenham.

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