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David Sullivan Interview

On Thursday evening I was invited to a phone in for an Interview on the Talk Sport radio Sports Bar with Jason Cundy & Sam Delaney to discuss West Ham’s upcoming season, I followed an interview with former Hammer John Moncur. Little did I know at the time but David Sullivan took time away from his holiday in Spain to call to show after Hammers fan and host Sam Delaney upset the chairman by claiming fans didn’t know the full truth about Andy Carroll and his 4 month absence. Sullivan spent the next 15 minutes explaining the situation. In case you missed it here is the interview in full via YouTube.

Some of Sullivan’s quotes during the interview:

“We told the manager we want a more attacking form of football. But at the same time the manager has to pick the team. It’s his decision what he does, We’re more involved with the transfers this year because we think we haven’t spent our money well in the previous years and we hope we will spend it a bit better this summer. But we think what we’ve bought is better value for money and at least we’ve got some more lottery tickets than could turn into jackpots.There were games last season where I had tears in my eyes. It just wasnt’t good enough, That said and done, we have a contract with the manager and we believe in honouring contracts. We stick by managers, we have a history of sticking with our managers and that’s what we intend to do. But we’ve raised the bar a little bit. Sam was never told that survival was his target, that’s a complete myth. We may have said that’s a minimum acceptable achievement but that’s not what we’re aiming for, we’re aiming to be up there competing with the good teams. It isn’t easy but we would love a cup final, we would love to get into the top six, top half would be quite good. To label 17th as a success, well I don’t think it is. It’s not a disaster but it’s not a success if that makes sense.I don’t think we ever contemplated it [sacking Allardyce]. We only would if Sam was unreceptive towards what we saw was the future in terms of attacking a bit more, bringing in new players and us being involved a bit more with the transfers.We’re not mugs, we’ve been in the game 20 odd years and I looked at what we spent the last three years and there’s not a single player we could get our money back on let alone a profit.It’s not that we want to sell them but you like to have players on the field with a value in the excess of what you paid "

The full interview

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