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West Ham’s away trip to Wembley on New Year’s Eve to face Spurs is at risk!

We have learned today that London Underground want the game postponed because of the unavailability of drivers.

And we understand that TFL would like a permanent ban on all future Premier League matches in the capital on New Year’s Eve.

Tickets have yet to go on sale and the fixture remains in limbo awaiting final approval from Wembley’s Safety Advisory Board.

We understand London Underground are refusing to budge from current position despite the fixture having Premier League and police approval.

However, they have a history of brinkmanship on these issues but generally reach a compromise at the eleventh hour. Meeting are continuing in a bid to solve the problem.

A source close to West Ham indicated any issues would be dealt by the Spurs end rather than ours saying:

“The game has been confirmed by the Premier League although there were intense discussions with various parties before it was confirmed. However, The police have also confirmed. Spurs would have to sort out any issues if they are subsequently raised.”