Talking Point

Former Hammer Steve Lomas or Agent Lomas as he is now known has not had the best starts as Millwall manager, however as an undercover agent 4 losses, 2 draws and a recent win it is an excellent start for his secret mission.

Some of you might remember that back in May 2011 Millwall fans chartered a plane to display the banner ‘Avram Grant Millwall Legend’ over the the Wigan ground as we were relegated after drawing 2-2 after being 2-0 up.

After Millwall’s 5-1 defeat against Derby last weekend there was much talk on twitter whether it is time to pay them back with our own banner saying ‘Agent Lomas West Ham Legend’ After an inquiry into the cost of a plane including a banner with 32 characters is just £550 + VAT. Many have already pledged donations who want it to happen but it would be all be about timing. Is it possible Agent Lomas will be discovered and sacked before the end of the season and possible relegation?

The air traffic clearance is also an issue, the plane would be unlikely to get clearance to fly over the new Den but they do play Wigan in April next year and Bournemouth very soon.

However some have commented that to copy them would be crass and we should come up with our own idea, alternative suggestions include an ambitious plan to create a 30 second one off TV advert on Sky Sports News, hiring an adverting hoarding board close to the Millwall ground or one of those mobile billboards on a lorry.