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Parish Notice: New Links Feature

You will see a new Links button in the toolbar at the top. I aim for this to become the most comprehensive West Ham links pages on the net. You will see various categories in the drop down. Just click on them to get the links. I haven’t been able to copy the links section from the old site, so there may well be some gaps.

Please do feel free to tell me of any gaps, especially on the Twitter feeds, or make suggestions for new inclusions. You can do this in the comments below or by using the Contact button above.

We’ll also be introducing a Recommended link of the day in the sidebar shortly. Lots of new stuff to come too!

Player Performance - Vote

Vote: Player Performances v Southampton

Click HERE to rate the performances of the West Ham players who played at Southampton.

I can’t do a match report as I was on a plane to Glasgow when it was taking place.

Match Thread

Match Thread: Southampton v West Ham

Please use this thread to comment on the game as it progresses.

Match Preview

Match Preview: West Ham v Southampton

It seems clear from what Sam Allardyce wrote in his Evening Standard column that Mladen Petric isn’t yet fit enough to be considered for a place in the starting line-up at St Marys. It seems highly doubtful that he will even make the bench, but you never know. The other two dilemmas are whether Razvan Rat should make his Premier League debut and whether Ravel Morrison can break into the starting lineup. I think the jury is out on Rat, mainly because Joey O’Brien has done really well at left back, and if a player is playing well, why drop them? But Morrison is giving Allardyce a real selection problem. There are some who believe that the way to solve this problem is to play Kevin Nolan as a striker and bring in Morrison alongside Diame and Noble. It’s a thought, but I just can’t see Allardyce going for it. In the Readers Survey I asked for your views on whether Ravel Morrison should start at Southampton, and if so, who should make way for him. Here are the results…

1. Do you think Ravel Morrison should start against Southampton?
Yes 82%
No 18%

2. If you think Morrison should start, who should make way for him?
Diame 17%
Nolan 51%
Noble 32%

Well, that isn’t going to happen, is it? The only way Morrison will start is if Allardyce decides to play him on the right. This could happen if he thinks Vaz Te hasn’t proved himself worth a recall. Stranger things have happened. So the team above is the one I think is a possibility, if not a probability. It’s the team I would pick, apart from replacing Maiga with Vaz Te.

Unfortunately, due to some incredibly bad planning by LBC I will be on a plane to Glasgow at the time the match is taking place. I have three days at the Liberal Demcoract Party conference to look forward to. The only saving grace is that their head of media, Phil Reilly, is a Hammers fanatic.


Survey Results 4: Your Views on the New Authors & Posting Frequency

1. How often do you visit this site?
More than once a day 23%
Once a day 39%
Every 2 or 3 days 29%
Once a week 5%
A few times a month 4%

2. Do you like the fact we have expanded our author base, so it is not just Iain Dale or SJ Chandos posting?
Yes 96%
No 4%

Here are a few of the comments you left about the new authors and a few other things besides. My replies are in bold.

I think you have made some very good additions and look forward to Steve Bacon’s contributions. I was also very impressed with the exwhuemployee post and look forward to more from him/her as well.

I know it’s his site, but If Iain Dale never commented it would be even better.
(ID: Charmed, I’m sure).

There seems to be a few contributors on there who use the site to socialise – not always about the Hammers, and it gets a bit boring with the silly comments.
(ID: I’ve got no objection to banter, but I agree, a few people see this as a chat room, which it is not. Really intelligent comment threads can sometimes be ruined by inane chat about nothing in particular. Let’s try and keep it on topic.)

The current authors bring their own strengths to the table. The posts since the site change have been varied and have encouraged discussion- and thats what we need.

It it still far and away the best site for Irons supporters and more authors mean regular updates. Since there usually at least 50 comments per article, fewer posts would probably have 100s of responses, which would be unwieldy. Plus we all and you, Iain, especially have day jobs. Guest writers like Hannah McCaull recently add extra interest so more of them please. Finally, I think the level of moderation is spot on. The only poor time for responses is the match thread when all good supporters shoud be at the match presumably.
(ID: My aim is to have four posts a day, at 9am. 1pm, 5pm and 9pm. That won’t happen every day, but once the full line-up of authors is finalised, things can be scheduled more easily.)

It would be useful to see a biography of the authors. I know a lot about Iain and I listen to his radio show whenever I can. But who is SJ Chandos? and who are the other new authors?
(ID: If you click on each author’s name in the sidebar you can see their biographies.)

More comments are always good as long as they are in line with the current reporting on the site. I also like the addition of linking with west ham stats as I find their previews and post match very interesting

It was getting stale with just two opinions. More diversity allows more opinions and that leads to more discussion.

I was flattered to be asked to contribute and even more so at the reactions that I had from other regular readers of the site. It also creates more traffic which was becoming a bit sparse prior to the re-construction of the site. However I think it is probably necessary not to create a situation where particular topics are superceded before regular contributors have had the opportunity to express their views.

Before the change there seemed to be a couple of posts at the beginning & end of each week. Now there´s at least 1 a day, much better.

Maybe this is already possible , but maybe allow subscribers to submit articles.
(ID: I welcome guest articles. Just submit them through the Contact button at the top of the page.)

WHTID is an amazing site. I appreciate the personal time and financial sacrifice made by Iain Dale for his fellow West Ham fans. I live abroad in the USA.

I think this has developed into probably the most fan inclusive site in the PL. I know it costs Iain to keep it in service but it’s ticked all the boxes now.

An idea that an author has a day or two of the week to post a new thread.. Or just limiting 2 threads a day. I feel that there are good threads that are posted that don’t get the full credit as posters won’t give their opinion if there are another 2 threads posted on the day. They may not post on that thread because they may not get a response from a fellow poster.
(ID: It’s a question of balance, You are right that new articles need a bit of time to breathe, which is why there is generally a period of a few hours between posts).

Other views, good or bad, are always refreshing. I am always hungry for news – any news or info – because it gives a talking point with other WHU fans (Family and friends). Days with nothing new is like watching the match against Stoke. (Well, no, that is a bit of an exaggeration…) LOL

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