About me

Born in the USA moved to london for 10 years when I was 6. Moved to east ham when I was 11. Grew up in east ham 1981-1987 - drank illegally at the working man's pub, went to many a game and met some admirable ICF characters along the way.
Left east ham in 1987 back to USA. Left USA in 1997 and have lived in Prague, Czech Republic since.

How I came to support West Ham

Moved to east ham in 1981 and if you didn't support west ham they would cut ya

My best West Ham memory

Telling my parents that me and some mates were going to Alton Towers and actually taking a train all the way up to Sheffield Wednesday game in 1985. We got a draw but best thing about it was travelling with a couple of my mates and my one mate's older brother and his crew and the rest of the ICF boys, the banter was hilarious. I tried to sleep in the overhead luggage wrack to no avail.

or the Newcastle game where we won 8-1 and my first time hearing the "in your newcastle slums..." song, priceless

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

Newcastle 1986 just cause all the goals plus watching little beardsley in goal was comical even for me as a kid

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Tony Cottee
Top 11 of the Last Fifty Years
  • 1
    Phil Parkes
  • 2
    Frank Lampard Snr
    Left back
  • 3
    Julian Dicks
    Left back
  • 4
    Alvin Martin
    Central Defender
  • 5
    George Parris
  • 6
    Mark Noble
  • 7
    Mark Ward
  • 8
    Trevor Brooking
  • 9
    Geoff Hurst
  • 10
    Paolo Di Canio
  • 11
    Tony Cottee