About me

Grew up in East Ham, moved to Kent early 20s.
I'm a Director of a web agency, have 3 kids, all who have sensibly taken to their Dads team...(I didn't force them, honest).
I write a bit on digital media and design - here.

How I came to support West Ham

Closest team, so always supported. First game was at home in the chicken run in the 80s against Barnsley. losing 2-0 we came back to win 3-2. Will never forget that. From then on my fan-hood was cemented!
Went through a few West Ham community football training weeks, was part of junior hammers club - literally got the tshirt, pendant, fake cups and everything they gave away - I think I even had a Jewsons membership card at one point in the annual pack - I was 12... bit bizarre.
Ludo was my hero when I was small - and Frank McAvennie.

My best West Ham memory

West Ham v Wolves - 1st game after the great BM passed. Was incrediblly humbling, special, amazing, and we won 3-1 too with a Dicksy penalty to boot.

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

WHU v Liverpool, FA Cup Final 2006. Gutted of course, but what a game.

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Paolo Di Canio
Top 11 of the Last Fifty Years
  • 1
    Ludek Miklosko
  • 2
    Julian Dicks
    Left back
  • 3
    Steve Potts
    Right back
  • 4
    Bobby Moore
    Central Defender
  • 5
    Rio Ferdinand
    Central Defender
  • 6
    Dimitri Payet
  • 7
    Joe Cole
  • 8
    Trevor Brooking
  • 9
    Frank McAvennie
  • 10
    Geoff Hurst
  • 11
    Paolo Di Canio