About me

I was born in South Africa and educated at a private school. Raised on a diet of rugby, cricket, athletics, swimming, golf and windsurfing, I have always had a high level of interest in all sports. My working background includes compulsory military service and management in the financial sector. I came to the UK in 2002 and worked as a chef until I started teaching mathematics and business studies in 2006. I live in Kingston upon Thames with my partner, Bernadette.

How I came to support West Ham

Soon after arriving in England, a friend asked me where I was from - I told him and he responded, "If you are from East London, then you are automatically required to support West Ham!" I did and the rest is history!

My best West Ham memory

Not sure whether it was the game at Wembley that gained promotion back into the premier league, or the combination of the three victories over Spurs .

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

In terms of quality of play, I think the recent game against Crystal Palace.

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Scott Parker