About me

UPDATE: I finally have my music website up and running for my instrumental tunes @ www.robgwer.com. Might even be a new song for us amungst em, if someone can come up with great lyrics. COYI

I have been a life long supporter of West Ham United and will always be till I die. Hopefully long before then :), I will see many seasons of us playing great, exciting and passionate football whilst winning a few more trophies too, at home and abroad. We will show everyone exactly what the West Ham Way is for years to come.
I have not been able to get to many game since I suddenly become very unwell in 1998 with debilitating pain, bouts of chronic depression and loss of focus and energy. Then a broken neck after a car incident 2006. Neck is ok now :) I am still fighting to find the final root cause of the illness which maybe ME (waiting to see specialist finally) and am battling chronic sleep apnea to boot. There will be weeks when I can't think clearly enough to contribute and other times when I may get stuff a little balls'd up, particularly dates and times. So please bear with me, I will ALWAYS endeavor to be positive and offer constructive debate.
Regarding work I am quite multiplectic and have been an analytical organic chemist, a carpenter, window cleaner, artist manager and steeplejack for example .....Also, had three companies in the printing and the music industries. Right now I am desperately trying to get well enough to be able to support myself or find a way to earn as I am currently, with these debilitating health problems. Although not a musician, I love the sax and have started writing some tunes (which most of the time is almost impossible to do given all) that I have always wanted to do and never did due to commitments and doing stuff for others. Plus I never thought I could!. Every tune I craft (and they must have a special 'feel n say something' for me not to bin em ) is a huge victory for me and I feel Slaven will be a huge success for us and I don't limit that just to results of games. Our time is approaching again. His face will tell you he is real. Well. Iain, sorry this is long but you did ask :) and thank you all for your interest. COYI let's av a good bit of Joy!
PS I have a thing about statements that use 'let's' and 'joy' and normally cringe when they are used as they can often come across as insincere. I mean what I say, genuinely.

How I came to support West Ham

I think I really started supporting after my dad took me (only time I can remember) to the amazing week night game against Dynamo Tyblisi. Even though we lost, I was completely hooked by the atmosphere.

My best West Ham memory

Getting my mum and younger brother to go and see the team coach parade outside Upton Park after the 1980 FA cup win. It felt like the whole world was celebrating and everything had turned from Black and White to Claret and Blue :) Fabulous times.

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

One typical WHU game winning 3 nil at HT. only for them to draw 3 all! Arry Redknapp scored a great winner.

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Trevor Brooking