About me

Born in Plaistow Hospital and lived in Green Street until I was three. Moved to the more salubrious Ilford and eventually to Woodford, where I brought up three kids and ran my own business. Sounds boring, but I did live in Russia for a time.

How I came to support West Ham

My grandfather travelled all over the country with the team and told me stories about the 1923 cup final. My dad sent me off to see West Ham with the cleaning lady's husband. He would do anything to get peace and quiet.

My best West Ham memory

Phil Woosnam just putting his foot on the ball. The opposing defence approached and then he slotted the ball through and we scored. John Bond hitting a free kick so hard, he knocked out one of the defenders. Geoff Hurst scoring from the most powerful header I have ever seen.

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

I also hope the next game will be the greatest.

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Bobby Moore
Central Defender
Top 11 of the Last Fifty Years
  • 1
    Phil Parkes
  • 2
    Bobby Moore
    Central Defender
  • 3
    Rio Ferdinand
    Central Defender
  • 4
    Dimitri Payet
  • 5
    Frank Lampard Jnr
  • 6
    Joe Cole
  • 7
    Martin Peters
  • 8
    Trevor Brooking
  • 9
    Carlos Tevez
  • 10
    Geoff Hurst
  • 11
    Paolo Di Canio