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Choosing a distance learning MBA that allows you to combine study and work can be tricky. You need to look at the different packages that are available, and how they deliver the course materials, narrative essay examples, tutorials and communications packages, as well as the amount of on-campus work they require you to do.

Choose Where you Work on your Online MBA
Most distance learning MBAs will deliver the majority of the lectures, course notes, and other materials online, requiring you to have access to a personal computer and to an Internet connection. Depending on how you work, you can use these at home or in your office. Your distance learning MBA will expect you to combine some of your assignments with the work you are doing, so studying in the office is a realistic option for many students.

Distance Education on Campus
Online MBAs often require you to attend campus occasionally, so that you get to know your tutors and fellow students. This attendance also helps to reduce the feeling of studying in a vacuum - even the best communications policies can leave you feeling that you are doing your online MBA entirely on your own.

Check that you are likely to be able to meet these requirements, as they are a vital part of your distance education, and your program is enriched by this face-to-face contact.

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Distance education requires a great deal of input from you, and studying for an online MBA is not a soft option. Your distance learning MBA degree will be recognized as being the equal of a full-time MBA, and this means that you need to put in similar effort as you would if you were studying full time.

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