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Football romantic want to win and play decent style

  • Born: 1967

About me

Dad got me hooked in 1974. He took me to 1st game at Upton Park in 1981. CWC against Timisoara. 1986 was as near to heaven as West Ham have ever taken me. I took my son to Upton Park for 1st time when he was 5 (dad sadly passed by then) and as I carried Louis down green street on my shoulders I cried every step of the way. Do t think anyone noticed- or if they did maybe they understood! Oh rubbish game but Sakho scored winner in 88th minute. I’m obsessed and mid 50s this obsession doesn’t seem to relent.

How I came to support West Ham

Dad got me hooked. He grew up in Margate and evidently there were strong links between Margate and West Ham when he was young. Someone called alma hall?!

My best West Ham memory

1986. Although being 2-0 up in the 2006 cup final My heart could have given out!

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

4-0 away to Chelsea in 1986. Quality of play and those goals in that mud defies logic

Favourite Player

Julian Dicks
Left back

All Time Eleven

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West Ham Till I Die is a website and blog designed for supporters of West Ham United to discuss the club, its fortunes and prospects. It is operated and hosted by West Ham season ticket holder, LBC radio presenter and political commentator Iain Dale.

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