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  • From: Essex, United Kingdom
  • Born: 1960

About me

Essex Boy, started off life as a decorator, progressed to owning a fitness firm which we sold 2 months before the pandemic hit. Retired now but I've still got my brushes so everything in the house that doesnt move gets painted 3 times a year. West Ham man and boy and beyond. Generally a supporter of the club as a whole and the move to The London Stadium whilst accepting improvements can still be made.

How I came to support West Ham

Dad and Uncles sat on me until I said I supported West Ham

My best West Ham memory

All of them. Nothing and no one has been in my life as long as West Ham and that's a fact

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

The 6-1 defeat to QPR at their gaff, stop asking me these bloody questions!

Favourite Player

Marco Boogers

All Time Eleven

Allen McKnight
Jeremy Ngakia
Right back
Gary Strodder
Central Defender
Paul Hilton
Central Defender
Steve Walford
Left back
Steve Whitton
Carlos Sanchez
Florin Raducioiu
Marco Boogers
Savio Nsereko
Benni McCarthy

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West Ham Till I Die is a website and blog designed for supporters of West Ham United to discuss the club, its fortunes and prospects. It is operated and hosted by West Ham season ticket holder, LBC radio presenter and political commentator Iain Dale.

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