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When One Point Feels Like None


Well, the topic I’m still obsessing about is the all to familiar feeling of dropping points to Arsenal last Sunday, and I do beg your pardon but I’ve not let myself, or literally had the time to vent about it…..so bare with me, as I also look to the future as well.

I tried to think of some other angle to come with this week, however with no League Play, I must give my view on some topics.

The top 4 is not mathematically is out of the question, however it is unlikely due to the relative formidable run before us in the final 9 matches. Perhaps it was a smack of the old “Realty Stick”.

Still, it’s hard to imagine, even going up 3-0 that quick, (no matter how nervous that still made me!) That we wouldn’t pull it out. Can you imagine the morale boost for staff, player and supporter, alike if went it went on to be a 4-0,1,2,3, 3-0,1,2 , result for the Hammers? DAMMIT MAN!!!!!! :))

I’m moaning, I know, but honestly, I really don’t care, to be brutally honest with you, because the reason we lost, is mostly due to shutting down for just about 5,6 minutes total, and blew a quite few excellent chances to have put that out of reach, however, to mention another bogey, one must not look too far back at Moss’ recent record against us. The timing of the “Leicester Away” call, almost 5 years to the month, has interesting similarities. I remember a foul West Ham won, that if any other ref, (Including Dean), would have played advantage, and was just about a scoring opportunity to begin with for the Hammers, however, ol’ Mossy who’s starting to look like he could be trying out for a “Bad Manners” tribute band, as Buster, (however, I think Buster has lost some weight)and blew it dead 2, 3 seconds later, (did anyone see how livid Moyes was?!?! Even my Gooner brother in law, said Moss gifted Arsenal the chance to score their second goal) I don’t care what anyone says, that string of 15 mins of the second half? Almost every call went Arsenal’s way, and, given his history that Dan Coker pointed out in his always accurate, and thought provoking match previews, Moss is not one we usually win with. (And, From the T.V. program, NCIS, Mark Harmon’s character has a list of rules, and most are spot on, like rule #39 “There’s no such things as coincidences.”)

Of course there were plenty of times after that where we could have put it at 4-2, hence killing THEIR morale, however, as some players even saw it (Like Lingard). Still, the lads played damn well. The first 20 minutes is what COULD be, my friends. (For those who like to actually be joyous, instead of “moanful” in excess, about losing, the board, David Moyes’s brand of football, or red wine………) ;))

Some may recall my first article, which was right after West Ham came back from 3-0 down in North London, however it was a 12 minute comeback, in which, West Ham spoiled Spurs day at the Lane, and, I suppose taking 4 points from both fixtures against would get better the in the reverse fixture, however, that first article was entitled “When One Point feels like Three”. This is the “return”.

I don’t want to be any more misunderstood than I still am, (aside from a few, who, are more than welcome to "step in the “F’ing’ ring”, and write up, if they think they do better…..\m/) let me make clear that my original call in September of West Ham finishing 6th, (or even 9th if things really go “Spursy”) I’ll will still be proud. However, we are now are the ones who need to “mind the gap” between, Spurs, both those pain in the ass clubs from Merseyside, (and yes, now Arsenal…….)

This will be a fine finish for a club that most thought would be in a relegation scrap by Xmas, however, here they are, and still have a chance at top 4 or 5,

The issue is still on West Ham seeing matches through, of which has improved 10 fold in the last year and, had my hopes hadn’t been so high, perhaps, I’d look at this result with a little less disappointment, (West Ham did come back with a strong response to the Man U loss), however, like I posted to someone, “I feel all right, but take a large portion of Arsenal, add a dash of Jon Moss, and stir…..” and “Voila!!!”

Jesse Lingard……..what he said about the match, is roughly the same things I saw, the Good the Bad, and ‘Mossy’ however, he’s the bloody key, a Left fullback, and center mid. That’s all we can afford, (if that) I hope the "Eyes in the Sky are paying attention.

However, (Lingard) needs to be made permanent, because he already clicks with the system, and by all accounts, gets along with the rest of the squad, and add all the other signings that are necessary to be prepared to challenge the top 5 on a perennial basis, and the trajectory should continue upwards.

As usual, I appreciate and treasure Florida Hammer’s brilliant insight, and technical assistance, I wish I could have used more, buddy…..hopefully, next week will leave room for a more creative column.



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