Guest Post

Guest Post by Jimmy Cooney

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be writing a guest article, it’s been a long time, I believe one or two, I have done in the past, definitely made me admire and respect those who do this every week or in some cases, more than one.

Therefore, when I saw that Nigel was happy that his point had been made, I figured, “why not”.

I’d like to kind of just shoot from the hip, as they say, and free form a bit on the current state of football, and the world, and where focusing on the negative is unavoidable , one cannot let it run their lives…. not that we should bury our heads in the sand, but being mindful of positive changes, realizing that we are living in trying times, but and as I said yesterday, personally, it could be a lot worse, and in spite of the “precarious” situation our current squad, which has excelled in my estimation, has already taken 6 pts from both Leicester and Wolves.

Who would have said a month ago that Jimmy would be writing a guest post, and we were in 10th place cos we’ve managed to average well over a point a match, and so far, we’ve had Newcastle, who we always war with, Arsenal, (someday we will unlock this curse they still hold over us) Wolverhampton Wolves, and Leicester. With the potential fact that Newcastle was a hiccup, and Arsenal was another case of the authorities being kind to the big club, after that, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the level of work rate, solid ball control, and, defensive shape!!! (two clean sheets, against bloody Leicester and Wolves!)

I said after the “the midsummers night miracle at London Stadium” (when we beat Chelsea, 3-2 last July) which I believe shaped our form for the rest of the restart, and, aside from the flip flops perhaps still being on with the Toon in town, it’s been solid performance from a lot of players brought in the last year, and since Moyes arrived, that have impressed me greatly.

1. Pablo Fornals- “Nails” has really turned into a top flight level player, no? I know many had their doubts, and I had mine, but he seemed so thrilled and honored to be at West Ham, and being young, I knew a bit of patience was going to be needed, but he’s developed into the ultimate team player, he’s just as happy to set up a corner or make an assist as he is scoring goals, he is box to box, and he is one who I’d believe if he patted the Crest, but with his class, he knows his graft is enough.

2.Jarrod Bowen-The perfect example of when you go to the Championship, and get that next reliable work horse, who, once he gets the defender on the outside and his left foot with the ball on the inside? Forget about it. I don’t think its possible for him to miss from that distance with his left foot. Jarrod is also a team guy, he’s just as happy to help as he is to go for the glory. He’s also box to box and reminds me of a cross between Mark Noble, and Joe Cole.

That’s a Bold statement, I know, but if, in 2 years, he’s still with West Ham, and we finish 10th this season, 8th the next, whatever he, and the club is doing, should be kept. (I’m imagining some change in ownership,or they just get it right by accident like the summer of ’15) ;))

Tomas Soucek-The Flying Czech, the enforcer, the Phantom, (who can mark him during a corner?!?!) He can score, and tackle ya to the floor! He and Rice paired up unfortunately has left Noble to have to play another role, but Nobes, still has some sand left, he’ll do anything, and can still pull it off, but not every week. Tomas has youth and more natural ability, for Noble is more of a “heart and soul” player very reminiscent of Kevin Nolan, who I personally though made Mark the Captain and class player he became. Ill put Kevin Nolan on the short list of who has impressed me, cos twice, he’s come along and turned around a team headed for the precipice.

Vladimir Coufal-One performance does not make a career, however believe it or not, as soon as the rumors started and that Tomas was vouching for him, I did some research and though "yessss…… he’s perfect for a 3-5-2, at can morph into a 5-4-1 when necessary. I look forward to his inclusion, and hope the “19” rumors are just that, and apparently, I saw that Masu is ok? A lesson that John Coker reminded me of, don’t get wound up behind a rumor.

Well, there are many more playing well, Antonio is in form, and please God if he stays fit, he can keep the CF roll, however, here are a few players I’d like to see step it up, cos I know they have top flight quality in them, but sometimes fall a bit short.

1.Manuel Lanzini-I saw someone say, maybe The Original Russ that he hoped that Lanzini would become a version of Dimitri Payet, and no sh#t Russ, I was hoping that as well. Then, what happens, he goes off to play for Argentina……right around this time I think, cos he was off to a decent start, if my memory serves me, (see, I wanted to do some research, but I figured a new article would help. :)

Anyways, it was whilst playing for Argentina, he suffered that knee injury, and he’s not been the same since. I was hoping when he scored his last goal, it would “break the seal” so to speak, however, in all fairness, he needs to work his way back into the team, which he will, we can’t play the same team every week, perhaps the ‘03/’04 Gunners could or any of the 1990’s Manchester United teams could, but guys need breaks, and good clubs run counter intelligence in figuring out their opponents tactics.

2.Sebastien Haller-Now, in all fairness, I don’t have anything to complain about regarding his playing cos he’s not had much a chance, but when he has, he’s getting the ball in the goal, but we have a starting formula that works right now, c’mon Seb, stop sulking, be a team player, and when Antonio at worst, hopefully needs a few weeks in the dead of winter, you and Bowen can start up top together, and you shine on, you crazy diamond! :)) seriously though, he will be needed, I wish strikers weren’t SO impatient….. I get it, they are competitors, but how many matches do you think Sakho WAS gonna start, but when they got a load of his pram tossing skills, they said, “ya know what????”

Well I don’t know about that, and I’m in danger of way too far off the ranch here, but, in spite of the “higher ups” cutting the club down to “pretty lean”, those who do remain are all useful, and in light of the performances from Chelsea in July to Leicester last week, (with the exception of the Newcastle hiccup, and the League cup loss to potential top 4, and Cup final contender, Everton), is my “complaint list” is actually pretty short, cos I’ve long thought that David Moyes was a top notch manager, maybe not the “flashiest” or has a cool Spanish or Italian name, he’s a hard Scot, who knows the game well, and when I see the squad he is trying to build in his own image, I can’t help but fantasize about him properly being backed, and in 5 years, WE are the ones who are threatening the “natural order” of things.

Well, I wind it up now, and maybe, you can discuss any domestic transfer news (especially if we sign Benrahma, he seems the best, and most realistic target, just get him, Moyes will find use for him.

Hopefully we get some looks at the youth as well, cos Moyes was sincere (I think) when he was sort of justifying the cutting loose of so many without any new blood in yet, he pointed to the youth system and how it will give them more of a chance.

I thank you all for checking this out, I love ya all! Be excellent to each other, for our love for West Ham United needs to be a binding force in such trying times.