Predictor League Competition

The Predictor League Results are in. Here’s how this season’s matches are scored…

Pick 11 players 44 (4 points each for each correct selection)
Pick 7 subs 14 (2 points each)
Half time West Ham goals 2
Half time opposition goals 2
Full time West Ham goals 5
Full time opposition goals 5
Win loss draw 5
First goalscorer in 1st half 5
First goalscorer in 2nd half 5
First substitute used 5
Second substitute used 4
Third substitute used 4

If you click HERE you can see the outcome of the Newcastle game. StepneyPhil scored 79 points and leads the field after matchday 1. If you click on anyone’s entry you can see what they predicted. I’m in an embarrassing 122nd position with 52 points. Mind you, Keithy, who brings up the rear in 166th place only managed a paltry 27 points.

On Tuesday night we play Charlton Athletic in the Caraboa Cup. The Predictor League is now open to receive your predictions HERE.

Even if you didn’t enter the first match, do still put a team in for these matches as everyone is bound to miss the odd game, and there is always a single match leaderboard as well as a cumulative one.

And remember, you need to sign up for the new site, before you can enter a prediction. You can do that HERE.