Parish Notice

I have had several complaints in recent days about various commenters who are hijacking the comment threads for political purposes. This is a football site, not a political or Coronavirus site. Yes, I allowed Gary to post two articles on Coronavirus but I do not expect the Comment threads on football matters to be used to accuse a cabinet minister or being a holocaust denier or a snorter of cocaine. I do not expect to see people wishing the Prime Minister dead. This is an email I had from a reader earlier this morning.

I’ve been frequenting this website for 12 years and I and another few posters are absolutely fed up with some characters constantly posting unrelated heavy political messages, and they’re even spamming the thread now. (photos attached). I know a couple of people who have decided to leave the site because of some of these guys – we could try and ignore it but it fills up the whole thread and when you post a normal football message it gets derailed into politics by these angry members. Dazthehammer and HH specifically, talking about * being a cocaine snorter and holocaust denier, some saying they wish Boris died etc… I understand the current situation and football talk is limited but I as well think it’s not healthy for the site in general, now and in the future.

Just behave. It’s not too much to ask, is it? Any future transgressions will result in me withdrawing commenting rights. If you want to talk politics or Coronavirus go and find a political site.