Dawud Marsh's Photo Diary

Firstly, I pray all WHTID readers and your families are well and safe.

On the recent suspended match day decided to grab my camera and go to the ground where we were scheduled to play Wolverhampton Wanderers at the London Stadium.

With all top flight matches and many other sporting fixtures suspended until 30th April, many grounds across the country remain empty and the usual match day roar silenced in these difficult and uncertain times due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It was a weird feeling walking around the stadium, trying to imagine the crowd bustling around the stadium, the smell of food and the sound of music pumping out, chatter and song of supporters as they go through their usual match day routine before entering the stadium full of anticipation, the bubbles floating around everyones heads to the sound of I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles as the teams spill out onto the pitch.

It felt like the calm before the storm, that strange feeling you get before something major is about to happen. An uneasy sense of uncertainty that weighed heavy in the clouds over casting the ground and park.

In the absence of football, I’ll be posting some short, photographic articles on specific players from this season and I’ll be digging up some historical images and exploring football photographers who have captured some special moments in our clubs history.

In the meantime, here are my photos of the stadium walk around with just a few people going about their day like any other non-match day.