Talking Point

Guest post by Brian Jones

I became a fan in 1964 with the FA Cup final win over Preston North End. I went to my first game at the Boleyn at Christmas 1966, a 4-0 win over Bolton. I managed to get my dad, a Chelsea fan to take me. Since then I was at the FA Cup Final win over Fulham, went to some dire games in the 2nd division and then then Championship and was privileged to get a ticket for the last game at the Boleyn, flying 10,000 miles there and back to be there and paying a lot of money at the exchange rate.

So – I’m West Ham through and through despite coming from West London! I’m fortunate that in southern Africa we have a splendid satellite TV system and I can watch every Hammers game.

But after half-time against City I stopped watching for the first time. Why? Because there was nothing there. We gave away a poor goal and then every time we went forward it was wasted. I couldn’t carry on watching the results of the decade under GSB. After they scored we carried on defending as if we were 2-0 up! I don’t necessarily blame Moyes, but I look to the people who promised us top 6 and Champions League. I feel betrayed by false hope, and that is what spoils my enjoyment of West Ham. I bought into the move to the OS, but although I have yet to get there for a game, it seems to stand for failure.

I am WHTID, but my enjoyment, hope and excitement have gone. I used to wear my Bobby Moore shirt and a scarf and drape my other scarfs over the TV and the TV cabinet for games. Now I don’t even bother with a scarf. I’ll probably get over to England for my 65th and take in a game. But it just won’t be the same. I remember, Moore, Hurst and Peters, Brooking, Billy Bonds and Devonshire. I played with Devonshire as a teenager. Not sure what I’m going to remember from the last decade except Bilic and Payet and that final game at the Boleyn with a win over Man Utd. Full house inside and thousands outside. But where has it taken us? I still don’t know.

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