Match Report

In the Shining, Jack Nicholson’s character types over and over again ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. The horror that has been West Ham in the last two games has made me write ‘ We’ve seen it all before’.

At least, we had the England rugby victory and the Brexit fiasco to take our minds off what happened at Everton. During the game, Chris Sutton, one of the BT commentators was making so many negative comments about West Ham that I almost felt like replaying the game to write down all his comments.

Prior to the game, there was an interview with Mark Noble by Joe Cole and Mark praised Pellegrini for bringing a sense of calmness to the club and ‘ he let’s you go out and play and enjoy yourself’ .This may highlight a problem. I wonder if Sir Alex Ferguson can be described as a great manager because he brought a sense of calm to Manchester United. I wonder if I would have done well at school if they had just allowed me to enjoy myself. Perhaps, I should start smoking cannabis , so my calmness will improve every aspect of my life.

I bought a corn on the cob last week, but when I stripped off the outer leaves, I found there wasn’t much corn on the cob. I am afraid to say it, but that’s what we have bought in Pablo Fornals. It is obvious that he is way below Premier League standard. A pig in a poke would have been better value.

I received an email from my ten year old grandson after the game and I propose we should make him the manager:

Did you see how abysmal we were yesterday? I mean , we couldn’t even string a pass together .
What I am also questioning is the managers choice of a player -Fornals
Why?? Yarmolenko, during the international break , scored a brace vs Portugal and 1 against Lithuania. Fornals looks really shaky when he has the ball and he also can hardly shoot. Finally, that Roberto dude is utter rubbish letting a 5 foot 5 brazilian score ,on the bye line, through his arm ?? Please write an article before I go to Pelligrini’s house and question his sense!!!

I wouldn’t agree with the comments about Roberto. He is doing a good job as a replacement goalkeeper, but we saw the difference between his good performance and the brilliance of Fabianski. But all of us knew it was coming and it won’t be the last time.

I can’t understand why Masuaku is a full back. I thought the first priority of a full back was the ability to defend, but I don’t think anyone would rate his qualities in this department. However, he is a good player and I believe he would make a better job if he was brought into midfield. It’s a shame Cresswell picked up a minor injury when he was coming back to his best form.

Midfield was definitely the area where we totally lost it at Everton. We have got to recognise that Mark Noble’s time as a player is coming to the end. Personally, I believe that Jack Wilshere can bring the quality and creativity we are missing. Perhaps, if we had started with Yarmolenko, we may not have had such a bad start, where we let Everton overrun us. And we can forgive Anderson, if he appeared to be out of salts.

In a sense , our season is already over. The manager’s attitude to cups was so relaxing, we were knocked out at an early stage. We haven’t got what it takes to be in the top six and it’s unlikely we will be relegated. So, perhaps we should just relax like Pellegrini and enjoy the times when West Ham can get their act together. Just a thought, I would be very relaxed if I was earning £10 million a year.