Nigel Kahn’s Column

There must be lights burning brighter, somewhere
Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue
If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand
Tell me why, oh why, oh why can’t my dream come true
oh why

Part of being a football fan is we dream. We dream of trophies and titles, of being entertained by goal scorers and gifted wingers. Brookings Devonshir’s and Frank Lampards at Elland Road. Away wins at Anfield to cup wins at Wembley. The start of the season is for dreaming. Elvis dreamed of a better land, where all his brothers could walk hand in hand. Well, it seems so did thousands and thousands of West Ham fans. A better land in Stratford has yet to be delivered for many but some will say it already has been. Whether all the claret & brothers (& sisters) can walk hand in hand I’m not sure. Discourse is never far away it seems, Twitter can be a battlefield and I hold my hand up. I can be antagonistic up with the best wind up merchants. Recently I have tried to take a look at what can we do to come together more as a fan base. Frankly, it’s just a dream. There is too much division amongst our fan base, division over the owners, the stadium, players, even who can give us the best news. Division surrounds us.

There must be peace and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise that will blow away all the doubt and fear
If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why, won’t that sun appear

How can peace & understanding be brought about between factions? That I don’t have the answer to, but the only thing that comes to mind is a change of ownership. That will mean that all sides can unite behind a new leadership not tainted by the many that see the Daves as destroyers of dreams, not makers. Until that time though should we give up on peace and understanding?

We’re lost in a cloud
With too much rain
We’re trapped in a world
That’s troubled with pain
But as long as a man
Has the strength to dream
He can redeem his soul and fly

How though can one redeem his soul? Well, perhaps by acknowledging one’s faults and trying to change. To that point above I acknowledge how I can antagonise & wind people up. But that is not enough, so I need to change. Not only change though, but I also need to apologise to those I have at times overstepped the mark with. So, if in the past I have offended personally anyone reading this I do apologise, and I hope in the future to never repeat my actions. Sometimes stupidity can overtake me and going forward I hope to avoid such actions.

Jimmy Cooney, ill never see eye to eye with you, I still think you’re a drama queen at times and think you need professional help, but I say that now with no malice.
As for anyone else, all I can do is say I hope we can draw a line in the sand and leave past indiscretion’s to the past and accept this apology. 
Don’t get me wrong though, this extends to the west ham fanbase, not to the owners or their sidekick that is supposed to run the club.
As I said above, to truly heal this club, they must leave. Too many, myself included, will never forgive, nor forget how they took us to this so-called promised land of dreams.
So as we enter the new season, I hope it’s a season where dreams do come true, but if it doesn’t, never mind. Next year’s dream is just 12 months away. Until then let us sing along with Elvis………

Deep in my heart, there’s a trembling question
Still, I am sure that the answer gonna come somehow
Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle
And while I can think, while I can talk
While I can stand, while I can walk
While I can dream, please let my dream
Come true, right now
Let it come true right now
Oh yeah