Nigel Kahn’s Column

Summer months for the news outlets is generally known as the silly season, the reason is not a lot happens so they have to scratch around for any news stories they can find.
It seems that this season that has transpired to the west ham news outlets, they seem to be struggling for genuine transfer news which probably most of the fan base are pleased but it certainly leaves those that make their name from being "in the know’ to coin a phrase scratching around and “perhaps” gilding the lily with some of the names we have been linked to.

One story breaking as I type though is West Ham have bid for Soloman Rondon of West Brom. Apparently, we’ve bid 10 mill and a couple of players.
To be honest, I quite like him so wouldn’t be upset to see him join, I generally prefer to welcome every player when signed and if he pulls the shirt he will get my support as the manager has obviously seen something in him.

Sometimes I do enjoy baiting the ITKs which is childish but it makes me laugh as sometimes I am party to as much info as they have so can see through the spin of their embellishing of possible contact, but as it is the silly season as well, why not be silly about it.

WHUISA, what a joke they are now.

Hammers United still growing but i still find it strange that they think they can force the owners to talk to them, won’t happen, nor will it end well unless they change the path they are on.

OSB, they keep being bypassed on the big club decisions, Season tickets, and Socios social media influence.

So who is best for proper fan representation, I’m not sure I know, but WHUISA & HU won’t talk to club direct unless it is on their terms, the club won’t talk to them unless they join OSB, who the club only talk to on the subjects they choose.

Personally, i am about finished with WHUISA. they are about as democratic as Russia is in my book, Shameful behaviour by some that started a petition to remove the elected chairman & Vice chairman, they wouldn’t reveal themselves but closed the petition after the resignation of Lew the short-lived chairman and then acting chairman John Ratomski throw in Sue Watson is appointed not only to the committee but is chairman.

Co-incidence? In the words of Hong Kong Phoey, “could be”

People keep saying that the fans need to be united but for me the only way that will ever happen is when a new owner comes in, as they are not burdened by the hatred of many including me over undeliverable claims of the move and the world-class team quote and all the other guff they came out with to increase the share price of West Ham. They are sticks that will always be used to beat the current mob ruining, sorry I meant running our club.

Lastly, with the signing of Four Nails I got to wondering about other building based footballers we could team him up with, so here are a few others we could look at.

Ben Ham(m)er – Huddersfield
Eden (Trip) Hazard – Madrid
Mark DEWALTers – Ex Villa & Liverpool
Makita Jelavic – Ex Birmingham City.

Feel free to add your silly tool named footballers to the list, it is the silly season you know.