Dawud Marsh's Photo Diary

The second part of my end of season review is focused on the fans – those who travel from far and wide to watch the team in all weathers, families, individuals, groups, from the young to the not so young – disparate people coming together to form a family filled with a shared passion. From the songs and chants as you enter the stadium to the cheers, calls, shouts and exasperations as we follow the fortunes of the players on the pitch throughout the season. We celebrate the highs, those wins that we long for, to commiserations as another game slips through our fingers and we analyse tactics, players performances and the what ifs. Its what makes it a home for me, filled with those who come and make the atmosphere what it is at times – although there are plenty of occasions when you wonder if we have a voice. I actually find it quite emotional to say good bye to those around me as the season draws to a close, hoping to see my family again next season.