The Iron Liddy Column

Good morning Hammers

Firstly, I hope that you’ll all join me in wishing our inimitable Hamburg Hammer a very happy birthday today!

Hopefully this will be a nice birthday surprise for him as he settles down for his first read of the day over a full English and his West Ham mug of Rosie Lee.

Secondly, in recognition of his dedication and hard work in helping to keep West Ham Till I Die online over the past four and a half years, Iain and I thought that you might all enjoy a little retrospective photographic showcase of HH’s West Ham (and related) exploits. The photography isn’t up to Dawud’s standard I’m afraid but hopefully it will capture the essence of West Ham United’s most famous German Hammer.

You have provided so much thoughtful, insightful and highly entertaining content for WHTID over the years HH and this is just to say a big thank you for all the hours you’ve put in on our behalf. Monday mornings just wouldn’t be the same without your thoughts on all things West Ham, your excellent puns, your numerous references to food and your reports on lower league German football. West Ham Till I Die would be a much duller place without you.

And please stop fretting about Brexit HH; whatever happens you will always be welcome on these shores because you are a right royal part of the sovereign state of West Ham United. Not sure how you’re going to cope with the food rationing over here once we leave the EU though. You’d better start practicing your sausage smuggling. ;)

Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane …..

Have a wonderful birthday mate and enjoy your celebrations.

Lids x