Transfer Gossip

Could it really happen? Could Dimitri Payet actually return to West Ham?

Apparently Marseille need some money and quick, and are prepared to sell him for around the £25 million they paid for him. The thing is, although transfer fees have been inflated drastically since he returned to France, he’s now 31 years old. That wouldn’t especially worry me, given pace was never a major part of his game, but effectively we’d get a maximium of three seasons out of him.

But would we fans wear it? Claret & Hugh did a poll in which 3000 people took part and it showed a 56%-44% vote in favour of him returning. I voted yes, even though my views on him were unprintable when he did the dirty on us. He says he’d like to come back because the problems he experienced here have gone away. I’m not sure what he means by that. Apparently Pellegrini is in favour of doing a deal after consulting some of the senior players about him and his attitude.

Given we will hopefully sign Jack Wilshere in the next 48 hours – he underwent his medical today – adding Payet to the midfield might be rather tasty, given who else we have to compete for places.

When David Sullivan was first approached with this idea he rejected it out of hand, I imagine because of a fear as to what the fans’ reaction might be. Well, fill your boots in the comments.