Guest Post

Guest Post by Anonymous

Went yesterday, sat in my usual seat just behind the subs bench in front of the directors/board seating. Witnessed things that frankly are embarrassing.

Today, I was reminded why I stopped going to the game in the 1980’s when the ICF were kicking rival supporters heads in. I was told last week by another supporter I know that some ex members of the ICF were involved in organising the protests. Trouble today was frankly planned.

I think it is important to get a message across that there are many supporters whilst unhappy with performances on the pitch are sick to death of the numbskulls that are there with the loudest voices hurling abuse at the players and coaches. Which I found really abhorrent and stupid.

There is a silent majority. I am one of them, I had to walk out today or risk my gob opening and telling the morons what I think of their behavior. Others felt the same way. The guy next to me tried to justify the protests telling me he had spent 30k on a 3 year season ticket. Err no he hadn’t, it was 2 years at 4k so 8k. He then tried to lecture me on being a supporter, until I pointed out that I had followed the club for 52 years and my late grandfather was at the 1923 cup final.

I sit right behind the players and for 2 seasons have witness the snarling abuse that has killed the players confidence. I watched Andy Carroll and other players pointing out all the fights between West Ham supporters in the stadium at the Chelsea game. I watched two supporters fighting each other literally 3 metres from me, their ages around 50 complete with kid in tow at the Crystal Palace game. I have watched the poor stewards today who are lucky if they earn £8.50 an hour be assaulted and abused and then me suffer the irony of being lectured on the ‘fucking rich Tory supporting owners’ from someone prepared to pay 4 k a year for a seat. I voted Labour last election, I rather suspect this guy didn’t.

The worst offenders are our age Iain. I feel like West Ham is a mirror image of Brexit. Those happy with the move and those unhappy.

Had West Ham been in the top four in the Premier league there would be no marches, there would be no pitch invasion, there would be no fighting amongst themselves, there would be no protest and there would be no chanting of ‘Sack the Board! Sack the Board! Sack the Board!’.

This is grown men behaving like spoilt children who cannot accept change and something different when it is not going their way.

On a more comical note, I took a friend of mine who is a film maker/photographer and a Man City fan who reckons it was one of the most entertaining days of his life… he filmed most of it and felt sure Russell Brand was one of the pitch invaders!