Match Report

I wasn’t at the game today and could only listen to it on the very poor BBC London commentary, so I can’t really write much of a report. Also, David Hautzig has a family function, so I don’t think he will be posting either. Sorry!

But it’s a great feeling to know that we got three points in a victory which seems to have been very deserved. From the commentary it seems clear that Marko Arnautovic was the clear man of the match and put in the kind of performance that we’ve been used to from him since David Moyes took over. It is also good to see Javier Hernandez on the scoresheer. Both of them have now clocked up quite a few goals between them and will both hopefully get double figures by the end of the season.

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The other major plus today was apparently the defensive performance, especially from James Collins. I think Winston Reid is going to have his work cut out getting back into the side.

These three points push us up to 30, so only ten to go until safety. At least, that’s the theory. I do wonder about that, though, this season. Everyone seems very bunched up and and I still think anyone from Bournemouth in tenth could go down. Our next two games are quite tough – Liverpool away and then Swansea away, and they are going gangusters at the moment. Our next home match isn’t for a whole month, can you believe – Burnley on March 10th. By then, hopefully Lanzini will be back.

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I’d love to hear what you all made of Joao Mario’s performance today. The commentator on BBC London didn’t seem to impressed, even though he seemed to be instrumental in many of our best attacking moments.