Talking Point

It’s always good for a manager to have a selection headache, but given the state of our injury list David Moyes doesn’t have that many to make at the moment.

For Saturday’s match against Chelsea the biggest decision for Moyes to make will be who plays in goal. In a normal world Joe Hart would automatically return between the sticks. He is, after all, still England’s Number One. He will only retain that title if he is also West Ham’s Number One. Given the dreadful defending that has gone on in front of him since August, it would be most unfair to put much of the blame on Joe Hart for our goals conceded record. In one or two matches he has been highly impressive, but in most, he’s looked fairly average. Have any of the goals conceded been directly down to him? Yes. a few, but that would be the same for any goalkeeper.

One thing he shares in common with Adrian is the ability to make you feel a little nervous. They are both great shot-stoppers but you’re always nervous that a big mistake is just around the corner.

Adrian did well against Manchester City, although he did have his trademark rush of blood to the head late on when he rushed out of his area to tackle a Manchster City player, who, luckily for Adrian, was nearer the edge of the pitch than the penalty area.

He who has the shirt should keep it, assuming they put in a good performance. Adrian did that at the Etihad and if we want him to be at West Ham I suspect he needs to think he’s in with a chance of retaining his place for a good run. He’s also playing for a place in Spain’s World Cup squad. If Joe Hart remains on the subs bench for a protracted period, it’s difficult to see him retaining his England place. Jordan Pickford and Jack Butland are hot on his toes.

So who would you pick? I’d give Adrian another game…