Match Report

Not one of us can complain at this result. We were outplayed. It looked for a lot of the match as if there was a league’s difference between the two sides. We looked intimidated by Lukaku and we played without an ounce of belief or conviction. The period around the last two goals was just embarrassing.

There isn’t a single West Ham player who tonight can look themselves in the mirror and say, ‘yeah, I did OK today’. Even Zabaleta, who was probably our best player, had some heartstopping moments, especially after he was booked. In the first half an hour we looked relatively comfortable, even though we had very little possession and didn’t create a single chance. Well, when you only have 28% possession, I guess it’s quite difficult. Our only chance of the first half came when Fernandes blasted the ball straight at De Gea. Once Man U scored, their confidence grew and you could almost tell that we weren’t going to get back into it. Hernandez was completely anonymous, but it’s difficult to blame him when neither Ayew nor Arnautovic seemed able to find him.

1. Masuaku had a shocker of a game. Cresswell will be back next weekend without doubt.
2. Reid and Ogbonna, while comfortable initially, didn’t seem interested after the first goal went in.
3. Obiang, Noble and Fernandes is not a midfield three that will play together again.
4. Hernandez is not a player who thrives as a one-up striker and needs service. He was about the only one who kept going until the end, though.
5. Joe Hart didn’t do anything wrong, but he didn’t inspire confidence. He had little protection.
6. Marko Arnautovic cannot deliver a ball into the box from a free kick or corner.
7. There was no pace to the side. We ambled about and passed the ball lamely, but not to feet.
8. Declan Rice did enough to justify my belief that he should have been on from the start.
9. Diafra Sakho put himself about a bit in the first few minutes but after that just seemed to shrug his shoulders.
10. We need William Cavalho to sign this week.

Scores: Hart 6, Zabaleta 6, Masuaku 4, Ogbonna 5, Reid 5, Fernandes 5, Noble 5, Obiang 5, Ayew 5, Arnautovic 6, Hernandez 5, Sakho 6, Rice 6

Man of the Match: Pablo Zabaleta

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