Predictor League Competition

The Predictor League is now up and running for the 2016-17 season. All Europa League, Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup games will be valid for entries. There will again be a £250 prize for the end of season winner. The rules are very simple…

1. You have to be a registered member of the site to enter your prediction.
2. Each match has its own unique leaderboard, and there is then a season long cumulative leaderboard.
3. Click on the link in the right hand sidebar to enter your predictions for half time and full time score, and your team of 11 plus 7 substitutes and first scorer.
4. There are 50 points available for each game…

11 × 2pts per correctly identified first team = 22
7 × 2 subs = 14
First West Ham goalscorer = 6
Half time = 3 points to correctly guess the score on both sides
Full time = 5 points to correctly guess the score on both sides

5. You have until 65 minutes before match kick off to enter your team. You will not able to submit your prediction after that.
6. If you forget to enter your prediction or the site is down for some reason it is impossible to retrospectively enter a prediction for you. It is up to you to enter your prediction in time.
7. The scores are calculated as soon as possible after the match end. It depends if I am near a computer. Sometimes it’s within minutes, otherwise, if I am at the game, later that day.

If you have any queries about anything please leave a comment or message me via the Contact button above.

Happy predicting!