Talking Point

*I got this email from a Canadian reader last night and thought rather than me pontificating, I’d let you give him some advice..

First, thanks for all your work on the blog! As a Hammers fan in Canada, I appreciate the passionate insight I can find on the site.

I’m hoping you can provide a little guidance about a first trip to Boleyn Ground. My 23-year-old daughter is planning to attend the March 8 match vs. Hull City. She wants to be in the heart of hard-core Irons fans, find the best place for pint pre- and post-game and figure out whether to stick around the area for the evening.

Any tips on:
• best section to buy seats? (Any thoughts on the best place to acquire tickets? WHUFC has limited availability. Are there usually scalpers/re-sellers around the stadium?)

• best local pub?

• traditions she should know (other than knowing the words to “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”?

Thanks in advance, for any tips you can offer.