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The David Moyes era begins with a Sunday afternoon visit to Watford. West Ham fans will be hoping for a better display than last time out. Before the game I spoke to Jon Southwood from Watford fansite GloryHorns to discuss the match.
Hi Jon, you face West Ham after the replacement of Slaven Bilic with David Moyes as manager. Are you worried about the ‘new manager effect’, or confident that you can turn us over?
Generally the “new manager” effect is one I’d fear but not this time.
Talking of managers Watford seem to be have signed up for the Chelsea model, whereby you use the manager and kick him out, given that this seems to be working for you, I supposed you’re happy with this?
No I am personally not happy with it. It is a system which I guess you can say has worked for us so far but I would prefer less upheaval each summer. I appreciate that the owners have a philosophy whereby the club runs itself and a coach is just a replaceable part but I would like to see someone come in and stay a while. However, they are all given targets and go if they’re not met which is the modern world. I can’t see Siva being with us until the end of the season at the moment so there is little or no loyalty on either side these days.
Apart from your last 3 results the current manager, Marco Silva, seems to be doing a great job: how do you compare him with your other recent managers, and are you worried about the speculation linking him with Everton?
It seems everyone, club, manager/coach has their price so if Everton want him badly enough he’ll go. I think it would be a real shame as I believe he could be our best coach, certainly for many years. He seems to have a good presence around the players and is astute but at the end of the day has only just arrived and achieved absolutely zip so far. If he were to go now he wouldn’t even rank as a manager worth talking about in our history a few years down the line.
Do you think that David Moyes is a good appointment to replace Slaven Bilic?
I thought David Moyes was a brilliant manager at Everton and it almost seemed then that he was destined to succeed Ferguson. He did and went horribly wrong and is credibility has dropped ever since. So, no, sorry, I think you’ve bought a lemon. The way I feel about Everton at the moment I’d gladly have seen him go there and take them down!
You seem to have cemented your Premier League place, but where do you think Watford will finish in the Premier League this year?
I think we’ll be pretty comfortable this year and finish in the top 10
Where do you think West Ham can realistically finish the season?
Realistically a mid table position is achievable with a decent run. That’s the same for most of the sides in the division…can’t see the Hammers going down.
Which three teams do you think will suffer relegation and who will lift the title this season?
Swansea, Palace, Bournemouth…can’t see anyone but City winning at the moment.
Are you happy with the current make-up of your squad? Which positions do you think need strengthening?
Our defence desperately needs strengthening. Prodl will improve things when he comes back but even when fully fit our defence is not up to much.
If you could have any current West Ham player in your first team who would you choose and why?
Actually that’s a tough one. For perhaps the first time ever I would say none of them….Antonio I suppose but he’s no Richarlison
Any particular memories of West Ham/Watford games of the past?
So many memories of past games particularly in the 80’s. Trevor Brooking, Alan Devonshire, David Cross, BB and Frank Lampard…I loved that West Ham era and would have any of those players today. I always recall one game for probably the wrong reasons as i always loved watching our games. On this occasion , Geoff Pike was doing his usual good job of fouling everyone in sight when he went in late on Ian Bolton. Bolton was rock hard but didn’t appreciate the lunge and retaliated. Both left the field but only one was carried off.
How do you expect Watford to setup against West Ham on Saturday/Team/formation?
I think Watford will be looking for a good win having played well but lost the last 3 games. Not sure whether Gomes is fit but i would think it’ll be:
Fermenia Kababsele Britos Holebas
Capoue Doucoure Cleverly Hughes Richarlison
Prediction for score?
Bad start for Moyes who will then say about the major job he has on his hands and “how the performance just wasn’t good enough for a club of this stature and history” 3-1 to Watford

Many thanks to Jon for his time. Good to speak to someone who has an obvious affection for West Ham. I can’t agree with his optimism for Watford though, and will take us to win 0 – 1. Come on you Irons!

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Opposition Q & A

Opposition Q&A With Liverpool

Our final match before the enforced break (don’t you just hate International weeks?) sees us take on Liverpool at The London Stadium kicking off on Saturday at 5.30pm. Ahead of the game I had a chat with Duncan Oldham of koptalk to discuss everything Claret & Blue and Red.

You have got us in the tea-time fixture this Saturday, hopefully you’ll be a bit tired after your midweek game – are you feeling confident?
It’s difficult to be confident following Liverpool these days due to our well documented defensive problems. We come into the game off the back of that Champions League win over minnows Maribor but that scoreline doesn’t really prove anything. It honestly depends as to which Liverpool turns up. It looks like both sides will have injury problems to deal with. I think most neutrals would expect Liverpool to come away with something but honestly, nothing would surprise me at the moment.

Jurgen Klopp is now into his third season at Anfield (similar to Slaven Bilic) are you happy with the progress that he has shown? How do you compare his reign to the days of Brendan Rodgers?
The statistics appear to show that there isn’t a huge difference between them both but we have to remember that Brendan had Luis Suarez at his disposal. I don’t see a lot difference in the way their teams play. Both managers presented attacking football but neither manager sorted the defence out. Klopp’s failure to consider another centre-back other than Virgil van Dijk and his insistance that he didn’t need a clinical striker recruiting in the summer left me completely baffled. Despite the present frustrations, I feel that Klopp will adapt to the Premier League. Some of his decisions have been confusing and I’m disappointed that he haven’t seen some gems brought in from Germany but that’s not necessarily his fault.

After successively finishing in a Champions League spot last season, where do you think Liverpool will stand at the end of this campaign?
Based on current form, we would struggle to finish 4th. If we can get a result against you and built on that it will hopefully make things easier. If we lose at the weekend and continue to underperform, there could be a huge inquest at the end of the season. We expect much better than what we’ve being seeing of late.

Where do you think West Ham can realistically finish the season?
Surely finishing just inside the top half of the table or just below the fold is possible but I can’t see that happening under Bilic. A lot of faith has been shown in him but are West Ham wasting crucial time by standing by him?

Which three teams do you think will suffer relegation and who will lift the title this season?
Swansea, Huddersfield, Palace to go down. Manchester City to win the title.

We’ve spoken about Jurgen Klopp, how do you rate West Ham’s Slaven Bilic?
I thought he was going to do much better. He just looks lost at times. He seems like a nice enough guy but I think he’s a dead man walking which isn’t nice to see. As an outsider looking in, the players come across as not giving their all for him. You’re better placed than me to know why that may be if that’s the case. If he’s lost the dressing room, the trigger needs pulling. He looks authoritative but I’m not convinced.

You must be a tad annoyed with all the speculation regarding Philippe Coutinho, are you resigned to him leaving you come January? Have you come to terms with this new reality of Liverpool not being the premier destination for talent it was in the past?
It’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want to play for Barcelona? As long as he conducts himself professionally and does the business until he’s sold, that’s all the fans want to see. I’m not sure if he will leave in January but he won’t be at Anfield next season. I just can’t see it. Even if Barcelona ended their interest, PSG are very keen too and his pal Neymar is there.
While London is an attractive destination for players and their partners, Manchester City and Manchester United continue to attract some of the best names. Our owners cannot compete with the Premier League’s successful and wealthier clubs. Until there is a shift in ownership I cannot see us ever being able to compete properly again.

There seems to be a great deal of unrest as to the performance of the goalkeeper and defence in general – are you happy with the make-up of your squad?
Our goalkeepers aren’t good enough, our centre-backs are not good enough, our midfield can attack but not defend and we don’t have a clinical striker at the club. We need a new spine. The arrival of Naby Keïta can’t come quick enough but even if we land Virgil van Dijk to strengthen the defence, that’s not going to be enough to solve our problems.

West Ham fans have great memories of finally beating you at Anfield two years ago: apart from that woeful day at the FA Cup Final in Cardiff, do any particular memories of West Ham/Liverpool games of the past come to mind?
?It was a great day! But what about our 4-1 win over you in December 2013. It felt nice to silence Allardyce. Sorry.

If you could have any current West Ham player in your first team who would you choose and why?
?I feel tempted to say Joe Hart as our ‘keepers don’t offer much but I quite like Manuel Lanzini.

Which Liverpool player(s) will be key to your hopes this season? Apart from Coutinho, who in your current squad would stand comparison with the great Liverpool players of the past?
None of them are currently good enough to be in any of the successful Liverpool sides I grew up watching. Coutinho stands out (just like Sterling did) as he doesn’t have a lot of greatness around him. Salah’s performances have been very encouraging. Where would we be without his goals? Mane is a great player too.

How do you expect Liverpool to setup against West Ham on Saturday/ Team/formation prediction?
Expect to see a 4-3-3 as usual. We have a few injuries so it would be too complicated to list the various permutations as I’m not sure who will be deemed fit just yet. I doubt there’ll be any surprises.

Prediction for score?
I hate predictions as I regret them if I don’t put money on them and they come off! I’m going for a Liverpool win though!

Big up! to Duncan for his time. This is a hard one to call. Our overall win record against Liverpool is a mere 20%, rising to 36% at our place. My heart says a win, with Big Andy coming off the bench to power the ball home, unfortunately my head sees us spurning a hard fought victory by giving away a last minute penalty. 1 – 1. Come on you Irons!

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Opposition Q & A


This weekend West Ham kick off the weekend early, hosting Brighton & Hove Albion at the London Stadium on Friday evening. Ahead of the fixture I had a chat with Scott McCarthy from WeAreBrighton to discuss the game amongst other things.

First welcome back to the top division. It’s been a while since you even flirted with promotion, when did you first start to think it could happen?
After we’d missed out on automatic promotion by one goal to Middlesbrough and then seen four players go off injured in the first leg of the play offs in 2016, I never thought it would happen! The Championship looked much stronger last year with Newcastle, Norwich and Villa all coming in and it seemed as though our best chance had gone. That was the most pleasing thing about last season – a lot of sides would’ve suffered a serious hangover after that sort of heartbreak yet we just dusted ourselves down and got on with it again. The Fulham away game at the turn of the year was a big moment. Fulham battered us for the entire game bar 90 seconds in which we scored twice and won 2-1. We took 7,000 to Craven Cottage that day and the general consensus after was that if we could be that outclassed by an opposition yet still find a way to win, then there was a real chance that promotion might actually happen.

What are the main differences you have noticed since coming back into the Premier League?
Mistakes get punished. We learnt that in our first game against Manchester City. Dale Stephens gave the ball away in what looks like a harmless position, as we would do last season. No problem, we’d always just win it back against a team in the Championship. This time though it goes through David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and Sergio Aguero and it’s a goal.

Two wins and two draws is exactly the same as us in terms of results so far, are you pleased with your start?
I think we’ve got to be aiming for an average of a point a game, which is where we are. Our record at the Amex is pleasing, having only lost to Manchester City and even that 2-0 defeat looks a really good result now given the way they’ve been tearing times apart since. Burnley showed you can stay up on home form along but it would be nice to start picking up some points away from home – we’ve only got one so far and have only scored once on our travels.

I expect you’ll be looking forward to the Palace game in November? Any other games you’re looking forward to?
Having spent most of the last 30 years being largely rubbish, there are a load of clubs in the Premier League a generation of our supporters have never been to. We’ve already ticked off Arsenal away, but the trips to Manchester City, United, Everton, Chelsea and West Brom will all prove very popular.

Where do you think Brighton can finish in the Premier League this season?
Anywhere outside the relegation zone would do me. Realistically, I’d say 16th presuming we don’t get left behind by other clubs strengthening in January

Where do you think West Ham can realistically finish the season?
Anywhere between 7th and 20th. What we are seeing is that it is effectively two mini leagues again, nobody is going to crack that top six and everyone else looks pretty similar. On paper West Ham are far too good to go down but we’ve said that before about some big clubs. If I had to pick an exact position, I’d go for 12th.

Which three teams do you think will suffer relegation and who will lift the title this season?
Manchester City are going to take some stopping and Manchester United aren’t realistically going to do it as they won’t pick up enough points from the others in the top six due to José Mourinho’s love of sticking their team coach on the pitch. Relegation is ridiculously tough to call. Palace have a habit of managing to outdo us every season no matter what. We’ve finished above them twice in 20 years and in those two seasons they became the first ever visiting side to win at the Amex and then knocked us out in the play offs and won promotion. We could finish top 10 and they will still have one over us by being the only side to escape from such a hopeless position. Presuming that happens, I can see Huddersfield, Bournemouth and, erm, Swansea going.

Are you happy with the current make-up of your squad? Which positions do you think need strengthening?
Even Stevie Wonder can see we need a striker. We got lucky in getting through last season with only three senior forwards and it was obvious that wouldn’t last this time around – lo and behold Glenn Murray and Sam Baldock were injured at the same time Tomer Hemed was suspended. Of those three, only Murray has played even semi regularly in the top flight before. Pascal Gross has papered over the cracks slightly by being superb in the number 10 role but a proven Premier League goal getter will give us a much greater chance of staying up. Just as well they are cheap and easy to find.

Chris Hughton has done brilliantly to get you promoted. Are you going to stick with him or will you dump him if and when the going gets tough?
Tony Bloom is one of the most pragmatic and loyal chairmen in the league. He even tried to talk – and certainly delayed by a couple of weeks – Sami Hyppia out of resigning when we looked destined for League One under the Finn. Even if we were to go down I’d be shocked if Hughton went, especially as Burnley have shown what can be done with a little bit of loyalty to Sean Dyche who took them up, down, up again and now looks as if he can establish them in the top flight.

How do you rate West Ham’s Slaven Bilic as our manager?
I like Bilic but that might be more to do with the fact that he looks like he has just wandered out of a club at 3am and into the dugout. I don’t know much else about him as – and I’m sure this will come as a surprise to Sky Sports – being a Brighton fan there has never really been much need to pay attention to the Premier League before this season. One thing I would say is that I don’t think your owners with the pronouncements of top four football and the like have helped manage expectations at all and that will always make things difficult for a manager.

If you could have any current West Ham player in your first team who would you choose and why?
At the start of the season it would have been Joe Hart after David Stockdale decided he wanted to count a vast salary and signing on fee in a house overlooking Spaghetti Junction rather than play in the Premier League. Stockdale’s replacement Matty Ryan has been excellent though so I’d go for either Javier Hernandez or Andy Carroll. Carroll would thrive on the service from Anthony Knockaert and Solly March out wide as Murray did last season although given that our players “short term” injuries tend to last for at least six weeks, God knows what the medical team would do with him.

Which Brighton player(s) will be key to your hopes this season?
Lewis Dunk and Shane Duffy have been excellent this season and I don’t think there is a better centre back pairing outside of the top six. We aren’t going to score many goals so keeping them out is vital and on the way they have played so far, they are both clearly destined for bigger and better things than the Albion.

Any particular memories of West Ham/Brighton games of the past?
Well I’m hoping to last longer in the ground this time that I did on our last visit to Upton Park when I walked out after 20 minutes with you 3-0 up in favour of watching the Grand National in the pub. That proved to be a good decision as you went on to win 6-0. A far cry from when we won 1-0 under Mark McGhee with McGhee’s famous 10-0-0 formation. Guy Butters got the only goal in one of the most incredible backs to the wall performances I can remember and we had plenty of those back then.

How do you expect Brighton to setup against West Ham on Saturday/ Team/formation prediction?
4-2-3-1 seems to be the norm for Hughton this season with the only doubts being over Duffy who went off with a groin problem in Sunday’s draw with Everton. Seven of our 10 games so far this season have been level at the break so expect a pretty tight affair for the first half. I’m banking on a draw and probably a low scoring one at that, either 0-0 or 1-1.

Thanks to Scott for his time. Ever the optimist though, I think this will be the game that we can finally have a convincing win, I’m going for a 3 – 0 victory. Come on you Irons!

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Opposition Q & A


After the international break we travel North to play our Claret and Blue cousins Burnley, this weekend. Ahead of the game I spoke to Burnley fan Tony Scholes editor of “”: …. I know, I know to discuss all things Claret and Blue.

This is now your fourth season back in the top flight since the early 1970s and the days of Ralph Coates, Leighton James, Martin Dobson et al; you must be delighted with your progress after the years in the wilderness.
Those names, and some of those who went in the decade before them, were the players we were able to hang our memories on during the dark days of the 1980s, a time when we almost became a non-league club or even worse.
I’m a Burnley supporter, no matter what, so I watched us play fourth division football just as I watch us now play in the top flight again, but. like all Burnley fans, I am absolutely delighted at the progress our club has made in these recent years.
You still have to pinch yourself at times. We beat Everton at Goodison Park in our last game; on the same weekend thirty years ago we lost a league game at Scarborough.

You’ve had a great start, but where do you think Burnley will finish at the end of the campaign?
The start has been incredible. Our first four away games have come at Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton and we are unbeaten. Given we won just the one away game last season, that is some start on the road for us.
Obviously we would like to finish as high as possible but I doubt many would expect us to finish the season in the sixth place we currently hold. We discussed this on the way back from Everton two weeks ago and, as much as we’d love to finish much higher, a comfortable 17th place would keep us in this league for another year and that always has to be a target for clubs like ours. I think we will be higher than that but I’m not expecting us to achieve a Champions League place our anything like that, the Leicester achievement was a very definite one off.

Where do you think West Ham can realistically finish the season?
When you look at last season’s final table, only six points separated Southampton in 8th place and Watford who were 17th. West Ham, like ourselves, were in that group and either of us could have finished in any of those positions and your win at Burnley on the final day of the season actually took you above us.
I really think the league will be similar this season with a middle group who could finish in any number of positions and I suspect West Ham will be in that group. So, on that basis, I’ll suggest similar to last season when you finished 11th.

Which three teams do you think will suffer relegation and who will lift the title this season?
I could say I’m not too bothered as long as it isn’t us but I think most would now consider Crystal Palace to be in a very difficult position. Yes, they can get out of it, but no goals and no points going into the second international break suggests a major struggle.
Huddersfield are finding it more difficult now after winning their first two games and I think both they and Brighton will be close come the end of the season although I’m pleased to see Swansea down there after their manager’s fist pumping antics in front of our fans last season.
Will Bournemouth recover? I think they will find it difficult too but, if pushed, I’ll go for Brighton and Swansea to join Palace.
As for the title, I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t go to a North West club, and more specifically to one of the Manchester Clubs. If pushed, I’ll go for City to win it and United to finish second.

Are you happy with the make-up of your squad? Are there any areas in particular need of strengthening?
Like all clubs would probably say, it could do with strengthening. I do think we are a central defender short and I would have liked a wide player to have come in before the deadline; we were close on that one I believe. January will be key and, depending on the position in the league, it can make the difference between panic buying or squad building signings and I’m expecting the latter.

How do the fans rate Sean Dyche as manager? He is that rare creature not to be immediately sacked on being relegated, so I suppose the board must be behind him at least.
I think the board would have been publicly hanged in the town centre had they sacked him. His appointment in October 2012 was the best thing to happen to our football club in years. He fits the club perfectly in every way and his achievements with us now have supporters believing he’s the best manager we’ve ever had at Burnley.
Our fear now is not him being sacked but him moving on to a bigger club. It’s hearts in mouths every time a job becomes vacant.

How do you rate West Ham’s Slaven Bilic as our manager?
Everything seemed to be going well for him in his first season, but since he’s always seemed to be on that tightrope with constant suggestions he could lose his job.
In truth, I can’t really answer this one. Has the recruitment not been as good in the last two years and what was his role in that? Our manager oversees everything so rightly can be praised or blamed, I’m not sure on Bilic but he certainly has to deal with your two owners which I’m sure can’t be easy.

Any tips for West Ham fans making the trip up to Burnley?
You won’t look out of place, that’s for sure, you’ll find plenty of claret and blue around the place. It’s certainly nothing like it will be for our supporters going to the reverse fixture. You can park virtually outside Turf Moor and you will find yourselves very close to the action inside Turf Moor.

Do you have any particular memories of West Ham/Burnley games of the past?
I missed the win at the Boleyn Ground in 2011 through illness so the only time I’ve seen us win there was in 1973 when a Colin Waldron goal gave us a 1-0 win. That one was a feisty affair that was shown on Match of the Day.
At home, a 3-1 win in this very week in 1968 proved to be a memorable one. It was a midweek fixture following a 4-0 home defeat against Liverpool. Due to injuries, we were forced into making about five changes and brought in some of the kids who had won the youth cup in the previous year.
We played superbly to win the game and that kicked off a run of eight consecutive wins. You mentioned Martin Dobson in your first question, and a young Dobson was in the team that night along with players such as Dave Thomas, who went on to play for England, and Steve Kindon.

If you could have any current West Ham player in your first team who would you choose and why?
Whilst appreciating the talents of such as Manuel Lanzini, the one player I would choose is without doubt Michail Antonio. HIs pace, his assists and goals would be perfect for our side and I still shudder at a performance he gave against us for Sheffield Wednesday in the month before Sean Dyche arrived at Burnley.

Which Burnley player(s) will be key to your hopes this season?
It’s very much a team ethic at Burnley and in the few games this season it has been different players coming to the fore when needed which makes it very difficult to pick out individuals although I do think the midfield partnership between Jack Cork and Steven Defour is making a big contribution to the way we are playing.

How do you expect Burnley to setup against West Ham on Saturday/ Team/formation? What is your prediction for the final score?
We are not a team to make too many changes and I would think there is every chance the team will be the one that started at Everton in the last game, provided the international players have all returned fully fit.

That would mean a 4-4-1-1 formation with Jeff Hendrick playing behind the lone striker Chris Wood. If so, that team is: Nick Pope, Matt Lowton, James Tarkowski, Ben Mee, Stephen Ward, Robbie Brady, Steven Defour, Jack Cork, Scott Arfield, Jeff Hendrick, Chris Wood.

As for the result, I don’t really enjoy doing predictions but you wouldn’t expect me to go for anything other than a Burnley win, and I’ll go for 2-0.

Thanks for your time Tony. It’s great to hear from such a hard-core fan. (Tony told me he saw his first Burnley game 57 years ago this weekend!)
I’m afraid I will have to disagree with him though. I’m hoping that last minute goal by Diafra against Swansea can spark us on to a more convincing victory: I’m going for 1 – 2 to the Hammers. Come on you Irons!

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Opposition Q & A

Opposition Q&A With Swansea

This weekend West Ham welcome Swansea City to the Olympic Stadium, where we can hopefully put ourselves back on the track that Spurs knocked us off. Ahead of the game I chatted to Matthew Bound and AzurriSwan from to discuss the match.

You’ve had a poor run of home defeats so far this season; do you look forward to playing away?
Is that meant in general or for your game? If you mean Saturday then no.
It’s not so much the playing away as the day out though we do know how to park the bus away from home now.

Where do you think Swansea will finish at the end of the campaign?
Hopefully above the bottom 3 which is getting monotonous now, we haven’t really progressed to become a steady PL team which is a disappointment,
We must start scoring goals but realistically eleventh or twelfth would do.

Where do you think West Ham can realistically finish the season?
I can’t say I’ve seen much of you so far this season but I don’t think you have anything to fear, mid-table I suppose but no more.
The Hammers have a good squad on paper and should finish in the top ten.

Which three teams do you think will suffer relegation and who will lift the title this season?
Hopefully B/Mouth, Brighton and Southampton, with Man City to win it.
Palace, Bournemouth and Brighton to go down with Man City for the title.

Are you happy with your transfer dealings during the window? I suppose the return of Wilfred Bony caught our attention, but what about the rest?
Not really, uninspiring mediocre players and no real investment in areas where it is needed
Delays in the transfer of Sigurdsson caused tardiness in bringing players in. We were associated with what seems dozens of targets but each one seemed either to be bought by teams making higher offers or us showing a lack of ambition.

How do the fans rate Paul Clement as manager? Do you think he will last, or will he be discarded if you find yourselves in the bottom three?
I hope he does well and I’m sure he will be a success, whether the |Board and fans give him time is debatable, they (the board) gambled last season with Bradley but had the sense albeit late imo to get rid and if they see the golden egg of PL money being at risk I’m sure they’ll do what’s necessary to protect their investment .
PC seems to be the right man for the job suggesting that he wants to bring back the Swansea Way of a few years ago…great football…but at the moment he is concentrating on not conceding with little happening up front…irate supporters who want to be entertained not being so!

How do you rate West Ham’s Slaven Bilic as our manager?
He had a very good 1st season with you but seems to have lost his way , whether that’s down to your owners shenanigans during the summer I don’t know but it looks a bit fractured within at the moment
Slaven Bilic is a very passionate man and knows his job.

Any particular memories of West Ham/Swansea games of the past?
The FA Cup replay game in 1999 at the Vetch when Psycho Thomas (Martin) won the game for us 1-0, cold night under the lights and a packed out Vetch, how games were meant to be played.
Recently, the last time we played at Upton Park winning 4-1 at the end of the season having expected another thrashing due to resting international players.

If you could have any current West Ham player in your first team who would you choose and why?
Hernandez, he’s bulked up out of all recognition, he’s quick and talented and you’ve got one hell of a player.
Carroll because he appears to give 100%.

Which Swansea player(s) will be key to your hopes this season?
Unless Sanches comes good then its got to be Abrahams and Bony as a partnership
Bony, Abraham and Mesa.

How do you expect Swansea to setup against West Ham on Saturday/ Team/formation prediction?
5 at the back and hope to catch you on the break . Score 1 – 1
Probably park the bus with 5 at the back, frustrate you and break away with a winner. 0 -1

Thank you for your comments lads. Reading through them it seems that Swansea fans are having a worse time than us. I’m hoping for a 2 – 0 home victory. Come on you Irons!

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