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Declan Rice Signs New Contract: What a Great Christmas Present!

It’s just been announced that Declan Rice has signed a new five year contract at West Ham. Could we really get better news than that?

The new contract runs until Summer 2024 with an option for the club to extend it by a year. It’s been a long, drawn-out saga but than God it’s now come to an end. Declan is quoted on as saying…

“I’m absolutely delighted to have got the contract done, signed and to commit my future to the Club until 2024. I’m absolutely ecstatic”.

Without a doubt, the plan was always to stay at West Ham. I’ve had the support from the fans, from the players and from the manager and now, to get it done and commit myself to this Club is a very special moment and I’m over the moon. I’ve now played 50 games for the first team and I’m progressing week-in, week-out, learning from a top manager and top players. I’m still young, so to put more years on my contract and keep developing here is the best thing for me to do now. With the support of the manager, the players, everyone, it was the right thing to do.

David Sullivan said…

Signing Declan to a new long-term contract is something we have been planning for and working round the clock on and I, the Board, the manager and Declan himself are all very happy that everything has now been completed. Finalising contracts takes time but it has always been our intention to keep our best players – particularly those who have come through our Academy – at West Ham United and build our Club for the future. I finalised the deal on Christmas Day and have been working to get the paperwork done as quickly as possible and I’d especially like to thank Club Secretary Andrew Pincher, one of our great unsung heroes, for working with me through Christmas to get this over the line. I’d also like to give a special mention to Academy Director, Terry Westley, who has been instrumental in working with Declan over the years to develop and nurture his talent. Declan’s new contract comes hot on the heels of Mark Noble also extending his stay at the Club. That news, along with the outstanding form of the team and the increase to a 60,000 capacity at London Stadium are all signs that we are moving in the right direction.

Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am well gruntled!

Match Thread

Match Thread: Southampton v West Ham

Southampton v West Ham
FA Premier League
St Mary’s
KO 745pm
TV: BT Sport (I think!)
Radio: 5 Live

Please use this thread to comment on the game as it progresses.

Match Report

Pellegrini's Monologue - Act 4 of Sometimes a Tragedy, Often a Comedy

Guest Post by Gary Hyams

General Pellegrini : I was brought to this land by the lure of gold to serve King David, of whom rumour told had made riches from the exploitation of women. There was discontent in the land and sometimes riot amongst the populace.

I brought together a disparate band of knights, most of whom had never fought together and spoke many tongues. Some already carried scars from previous battles and were not fit to fight. In a few short weeks, we trained hard, but lost our first four battles.

I prayed to the Gods and looked to Minerva to bring me wisdom. Finally, I found a formation which suited my knights. I told them that attack was the best form of defence and they learnt their lesson well. Gradually, we overcame our enemies.

Before the game, I heard that the Lord Mourinho, after many victories, was sacked at Manchester. It brought home to me that one must have humility, which was one word in the English tongue the Lord had not learnt.

The yokels had come to watch the battle, but King David had ensured their safety by seating them many leagues from the place of battle. Their cries for victory turned to whimpers by the time the sound reached the pitch of battle. They sang a strange ode about bubbles and blowing it instead of drinking it. They called for irons and hammers. They reminisce about a lost warrior who I think they call ‘The Moore’.

And now we come to the field having won four battles in a row, a feat not achieved for many a year. Discontent in the populace had been replaced by hope and ambition. Now, it was the last battle before Yuletide and our enemy had travelled from a place called Watford, some few miles to the North. They wore devilish armour and looked like hornets.

We started well and seemed full of vigour and vim. There was joisting all over the field. Sir Antonio who many times beforehand could be accused of scuffing, finally got a powerful hit on target. But, unfortunately, a few minutes later Sir Balbuena, normally solid in defence, hacked the enemy down and this was against the rules of chivalry and the enemy scored a blow. Sir Balbuena injured himself and limped off the field and I sent on Sir Ogbonna.

This was deflating for the yokels. Thrice, thrice , thrice and twice we had scored in previous battles. Now, we were battling for survival against a cunning enemy who seemed skilled in attack and resolute in defence.

I looked to our magician to bring us to rights. But, Sir Anderson had perhaps not drunk his potion this day. He tried from the right. He tried from the left, but all to no avail.
Our noble knight, Sir Noble looked like he had eaten his mince pies too early and was sluggish. Once more, we had to rely on Sir Fabulanski to save us from further ignominy.
Sir Antonio could only find wood this day and Sir Hernandez did not have his poacher’s touch and I heard he had left his lucky rabbit at home and forgot to pray to God before the game.

In accordance with the laws of chivalry, we all rested for some minutes. I gave the knights a stirring speech, but, unfortunately, its effect may have been diminished by the fact I had to have four translators present.

I brought on Sir Carroll who has suffered many blows in battle and then the young knight Sir Diangana who has the ability to slice through the enemy. But all to no avail and finally we succumbed to another blow from the enemy and left the field having not struck and been struck twice.

Now, we shall celebrate Yuletide and I wish you all good cheer. I have advised Sir Snodgrass to avoid the Christmas pudding.

Match Thread

Match Thread: West Ham v Watford

West Ham v Watford
FA Premier League
London Stadium
KO 3pm
TV: None

Please comment as the game progresses in the thread below.

Talking Point

What Are Our Players Worth?

Guest Post by Gary Hymams

I watched the Fulham game in Bulgaria. My son, who lives there, and I spent two days working out the best option. The game would be on Bulgarian TV, but one would have to put up with a commentary in Arabic or Russian. There is a bar in the high street, where the Bulgarian owner is a West Ham fan and, sure enough, on the day, when we walked past, he was wearing a West Ham shirt. Then, I had a live chat with BT Sport and discovered their app can be viewed anywhere in the EU (for how long?), which is rather helpful.

So, after some difficulty with screen mirroring from a phone to the TV, we settled down in comfort, although it went to streaming a couple of time which was worrying.
Basically, when abroad, I would walk 10 miles or go without food for two days in order to watch a game. I’m sure you would too.

However, what I didn’t count on were my grandchildren. Did I want to play with slime? Did I want to eat the slime? I didn’t realise how big my grandson’s head is , until he put it between me and the TV. My son went to the kitchen to get them some snacks and missed the first goal. Thereafter, my granddaughter kept telling him to go to the kitchen, so West Ham would score again.

When West Ham scored, the grandchildren went berserk and my grandson, who is five, wasn’t even watching the game.

So, my reflections of each player:

Fabianski – Fabulanski
Masuaku – Why the hell is he a left back? Surely, he would make a better midfielder?
Balbuena – completely solid
Diop – Reliable as usual
Zabaleta – a great game, although when he gets to the byline, he seems to run out of ideas and execution.
Noble – he can deliver a killer pass either for us or backwards for the opposition.
Snodgrass – complete respect for the way he has gone about improving his game.
Rice – reminds me of Bobby Moore the way he distributes the ball
Antonio – Scored another great goal and seems to have got his confidence back in front of goal.
Hernandez – seemed to only have one touch the whole game, but that paid his salary.
Anderson – Wonderful and still seems not up to his best. Better than Payet in defence.
Carroll – If you bring him on, at least get to the byline and get some crosses over
Diangana – Hope he doesn’t lose that initial confidence
Obiang – reliable

So, approaching the transfer window, let’s play a Christmas game and value our team:

Fabianski £25 million
Masuaku £10 Million
Zabaleta a pat on the back
Diop £40 million
Balbuena £25 million
Noble – a pat on the back
Snodgrass £20 million
Rice £45 million
Antonio £20 million
Hernandez £5 million
Diangana – £20 million
Carroll – £10 million
Arnautovic – £50 million
Anderson – £55 million
Obiang – £10 million

Come on you Irons . I’ve finally lost that sick feeling in my stomach.


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