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The site has now been live for 40 hours now and I’d like to thank everyone for the constructive feedback so far. The positivity has been excellent to observe and everyone who has reported problems has done it politely and without too much frustration. Many of the initial issues were resolved quite quickly, but there are still some issues remaining, so I thought I’d address some of them now and let you know what is happening.


As I have explained several times, the site is not yet optimised for most mobile phones. Those of you who use mobile phones have found it difficult to access or leave comments. This will be addressed as soon as possible, but it’s not an easy job. On iPads it works very well if you have the latest software update. Some say they find they can’t scroll through the comments properly on an iPad but that is because you have to wait for them to load properly before scrolling.

It is also not possible to edit your profile on iPads. That’s not our fault. It’s down to iPad technology, I’m afraid. Mobile devices don’t have upload picker fields, so I’m told!


Do feel free to recommend interesting articles you have seen elsewhere for me to include in the sidebar. This innovation seems to be fairly popular. I will keep it as up to date as I can, but I can’t keep track of everything that appears on other sites.


Some of you don’t like the fact that the original post isn’t viewbable on the Comments page any longer. I suspect this is partly because it’s not what you’re used to, but at some point we’ll offer the option.

We are now only allowing one level of nested comments. On the previous site it was unlimited. We felt it didn’t add anything and was difficult to follow, so we do not intend to restore this.

We will also be adding a LIKE button to each comment.


We will be introducing an optional swearing filter, although this is not yet active. We’re all adults and I swear like anyone else, but one of the assets of this site is that it hasn’t stooped to the depths of some others. However, rather than have an outright ban, we’ll give you the option of reading some swear words or not. If you choose not to they’ll be &%$£*() hidden like that! As I say, that’s to come shortly.


For some reason the Twitter band underneath the banner was responsible for the site crashing intermittantly so we have removed it while we find another option. We’ll be making much more use of the Twitter feed, so if you don’t already follow it, do so @iaindalewestham.


We’ll be importing all the posts from the old site soon, but we don’t think we will be able to import the comments, although we’re going to try. There will be an Archive in the sidebar.


You will soon be able to add your favourite players and favourite First Elevens. There will be a few other fields to tell users about yourself and where you live, and how you came to support the Hammers.


We have plans. Just saying. Some have asked for the comment boxes to be made bigger and stretched across the screen. We’re not going to do that as it would look ghastly. I won’t tell you what we have planned for this space yet as it probably won’t happen very quickly.


As you will have seen, we now intend to use pictures on the sites within posts. However, we have to be very careful not to breach copyrights. If you have any West Ham related pictures you think we might use which are copyright free, please do email them to me.


I’m keen to recruit a couple of new writers to our team. I want this site to step up a gear now, and it’s just not possible for SJ Chandos and I to do it all by ourselves anymore. So if you fancy writing for us, do get in touch via the Contact button at the top of the page, ideally explainign what you think you’d be good at covering, and also maybe enclose a sample article.


And that’s it! Please do keep your feedback coming. We’ll be making lots of improvements and tweaks over the next few weeks, as time allows. We’re always very happy to entertain new ideas.

Player Performance Results

Joe Cole Wins WHTID Man of the Match v Cardiff

Well done to Joe Cole, and indeed Stewart Downing. Downing was only on the pitch for 20 minutes, but what an impact he made!


A Word From 'Our' Sponsor

Daniel Skowronski, CEO, Alpari UK

On Friday on my LBC 97.3 show I interviewed the chief executive of Alpari UK, Daniel Skowronski. His company sponsors West Ham’s shirts. You may remember I posted an email from him on the site earlier in the week.

He’s a very nice guy and has offered me tickets for the Alpari box to give away here. I shall have to think of a suitable way of doing that!

Match Report

Match Report: West Ham 2 Cardiff City 0

Click HERE to rate the performances of the West Ham players.

Joe Cole: Man of the Match

It isn’t often I predict a scoreline correctly, but I did this one, and it was a thoroughly deserved victory. Cardiff never managed to dominate any part of the game and had barely a shot at goal. We looked comfortable in possession and wanted the ball more than they seemed to. They looked a quite organised side, but lacked much of a spark up front. What they lacked was a Craig Bellamy type player to run at the West Ham defence. The fact that Craig Bellamy was playing need not concern us much.

The team selection was a bit of a surprise with neither Rat, nor Downing making the starting line-up. Downing hasn’t played much in pre-season and according to Sam Allardyce has only had about 150 minutes on the pitch compared to an average of 600 for most of the West Ham players.

And you know what? One of the best things to emerge from this game was the cameo from Downing when he came on. He was simply stunning. Everything he did looked dangerous. Bearing in mind he was playing down the right, he turned their left back inside out. Several times. If any of us had to be convinced that he has what it takes, we don’t any longer. Stewart Downing. You are very welcome.

Stewart Downing: Impact

It was Joe Cole who put in the man of the match performance. He scored a superb goal, although most of us momentarily thought he should have left it for the player behind him (Diame?) who was better placed. But that’s probably what the Cardiff goalkeeper thought too, which was why he was late to get down to attempt a save. Cole produced some of his trademark trickery and could easily have had a hat-trick. I think we need to look at him contributing at least 10 goals this season, so it was good to see him get off the mark.

Matt Jarvis had a bit of an in and outer. He put in the cross for the first goal and skinned their right back a couple of times, but he also had a couple of chances which he should have done much better with. His goalscoring really lets him down. He should also be looking at getting close to double figures.

The midfield trio of Diame, Nolan and Noble looked tight and strong. Diame in particular went on several of his trademark rampaging runs at the Cardiff defence and he was unlucky to miss out on a goal, particularly with a shot from the left hand edge of the area, which was deflected for a corner.

There’s not much to say about our defence. To be honest it wasn’t often we needed one. But the whole of the back four did well and hardly ever looked in any danger.

I found Modibo Maiga’s performance deeply worrying. I know he has a particularly languid style, which gives the appearance of total laziness, but today he gave the impression of hardly trying at all in case an injury might jeopardise his proposed move to St Etienne. Maybe I am being too cynical, but I felt he had a real opportunity today but he just wasn’t interested. Yes, admittedly he laid on the pass for Noble to thread it through to Nolan to score, and apart from a shot which was just pushed aside by the Cardiff goalkeeper, he contributed very little. Let’s hope that Ba or Defoe might be with us before too long.

So, job done. Scores on the doors…

Jaaskelainen 7
Demel 7
O’Brien 7
Collins 7
Reid 7
Noble 6
Nolan 7
Diame 8
Cole 8
Downing 8
Jarvis 6
Maiga 5

Match Thread

Match Thread: West Ham v Cardiff City

Please use this thread to comment as the game progresses.

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